Part 46 - Fortification is key

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Jess's POV -------

Daryl stood at the doorway, he came and sat down next to me. "Tom was outta line there, he shouldn't have done that, sorry" I looked at him with a confused expression on my face "You're sorry? You weren't the one who did it, Tom was" I chuckled, trying to lighten the mood a bit. "Ahem" Someone cleared their throat, we both turned to see who it was, it was rick "There's something I need to tell you" Rick was at the door way of my cell with Hershel. "Okay... Go ahead" he shuffled a bit and looked at Hershel "I think it would be better in private" I shook my head in disagreement "It's okay just say it" He shuffled again before walking into my cell. "It's the Governor... At the meeting he said... He said if we hand you over then he'll leave the prison alone... It's not gonna happen but I though you should know" I didn't know what to say, I just nodded and got up from the bed I was sitting g on and walked over to Rick. "Okay... I'll go" Hershel and Rick shook their heads in unison, "No way Jess, that's not gonna happen" he shot back, not wanting me to do it. "If I go then everyone will be safe, I ha-"

"We don't know that Jess" Daryl cut me off before I could finish. I didn't know what to say, so I just nodded. "If its a fight he wants then he'll get one... Let's just keep this on the down low" Rick replied, we all nodded and got back to work on fortifying the prison and keeping watch of the fence.

Merle's POV -------

I was going crazy in this prison, I had nothing to do, no drink or drugs to keep me company. I decided to go through the spare mattresses and see if I could find anything. Just looking for a little vacation, best dope I ever had was in a mattress, I searched but no avail. I stopped and looked around for other places, that's when I heard voices from the cell next to this one. I peeped my head put of the cell and saw Rick and Hershel walk in "It's the Governor... At the meeting he said... He said if we hand you over then he'll leave the prison alone... It's not gonna happen but I though you should know" I assume he was talking to Jess, he wouldn't have the balls to do that. Ol spineless officer friendly. Rick walked past the cell.

"You ain't told any of the others, huh?" I said, making Rick stop and stand in the doorway, he sighed. "Just Jess, Hershel, Daryl and... Now you" he expressed placing his hand up and leaning on the doorway. I began to think about what type of person Phillip actually was. "You know, when we'd go out on runs, he'd bash somebody's skull, slash somebody's throat, and he'd say, "Never waste a bullet" I always thought it was just an excuse" I began, Rick began to shuffle on the spot, he looked uncomfortable. "You know... If you give him that girl...He ain't gonna kill her... He's just gonna do things to her" Rick looked increasingly uncomfortable "Well it won't come to that because its not gonna happen... So not a other word" he pointed at me and walked away. It wasn't what I was going to say that would be wrong... Its what I was going to do. This was in the best interest of my little brother and I was going to do something right for once to save the group.

Jess's POV -------

"Jess!" A voice echoed around the cell block. "Jess!" I walked through the cell block and stepped into the mess hall, it was Merle who was calling me, what did he want?. "What?" I questioned, looking at him confused as to why he called me. "There's a breach in the tombs, Rick asked us to clear it out" he replied, his eyes on mine the whole time. That was a bit weird... Rick never said anything, I nodded and went into the tombs with Merle.

"So where is it?" He pointed past me "Around the corner...We got to clear some walkers, then get the others down here to barricade it. A breach like this could be an open invitation to the Governor." I looked a Merle, and put a hand on my hip. "He's not much for subtlety" I huffed, walking beside Merle as he let out a chuckle.

"You want to take your chances?" I glanced over at him and gave him that 'Yeah I guess so' look. Two walkers turned the corner, I walked forward to get rid of them, but instead I was hit over the head, I saw Merle as I fell down, lying fucker! I hit the floor and my vision went black.


Rick's POV -------

"Hey Carol, you seen Jess?" I asked Carol as she was putting my baby girl to bed, she looked so peaceful. "Um yeah, she went into the tombs with Merle about 20 minutes ago" she replied. Oh shit. I called Daryl and ran into the tombs looking for Jess, the asshole better not have touched her, I'll kill him. "Rick..." Daryl called me, he pointed to the floor "He took her here, must a knocked her out, tied her up" I placed my gun in the holster and began to exit the tombs swiftly. "Damn it! I'm going after him" Daryl ran ahead of me "No you can't track for shit... just me. I'll bring her back safe, trust me" I hesitated before answering "Fine... Keep her safe" he nodded and went further ahead "Plus they're gonna come back here. You need to be ready...Your family, too." He shouted behind him before running out of the tombs.

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