Part 2

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Nandu : "Abhi is a very good friend. Why Dad?"

Murthy : "We were thinking of getting you and Abhi married, if you both agree."

Nandu didn't know what to tell since the matter had come up suddenly.

Murthy : "There is no hurry. Take your time and think about it."

Nandu was thinking about what her dad told her. Probably she would have agreed, if this matter would have come up a few weeks back. Abhi was a very good friend, she didn't have any reason to say no. But now, she wasn't sure. She wanted to figure out what her dreams meant before taking any decision.

First, she talked to her Dadi. She explained about her dreams. She also showed her the sketches she had drawn. Dadi felt that the buildings may be in India. Nandu had figured out from her friend that the band that made the album, that had the tune, was from Mumbai.

When they were having family dinner, Nandu bought up the topic.

Nandu : "Dad..Mom... I want to visit India."

Dad : "Visit India? Why?"

Nandu explained about her dreams to her dad and mom. She didn't mention about the boy in her dreams neither to them nor Dadi.

Dad : "You have never been to India. Why you?Even I and your mom have never been to India. You might have seen those places in some movie and dreamt of it.  It doesn't make sense to go to India just because you dreamt about the places."

Nandu : "Please Dad!Please...Please!"

Dad : "Why are you having behaving like a kid Nandu? Why don't you understand? There is a lot of difference between dream and reality.It might just be your imagination, those places may not even exist."

Nandu : "Dad, I am having these dreams from past so many days. I want to figure out the reason behind it."

Nandu : "Atleast I can give it a  try. If I don't find them, I can still visit other places in India. Since I have never been to India, it will be a new experience Dad."

Dad : "See Nandu...I and mom are busy and can't come with you for quite sometime. Dadi can't travel with you because of her old age. I am not ready to send you alone."

Nandu : "Please Dad! Please!Please!"

Dad : "Ok. You can visit India after you get married, with your husband."

Nandu wasn't ready for marriage, but she still wanted to goto India.

Dad : "You are not going anywhere now and that's final."

Nandu tries to convince her Dad and Mom, but they don't agree.

Nandu then approaches her Dadi and asks for help. Dadi doesn't agree at first, but Nandu manages to convince her. Dadi starts thinking of how to proceed further. If she sends Nandu to any of their relatives house, Mr.Murthy may be able to trace her soon.

She remembers her childhood friend, with whom she has been in touch. Dadi communicates with her friend and her friend agrees to accommodate Nandu at her place in Mumbai. Nandu and her Dadi make the necessary arrangements for Nandu to goto India without Nandu's parents knowledge. Nandu leaves for India.


Nandu reaches Mumbai International Airport. Dadi's friend comes to pick up Nandini from the airport, with her grandson. Dadi's friend introduces Nandini and her grandson. Dadi's friend's grandson is Cabir. On their way home,

Cabir : "Nandini, What brings you to India?"

Nandu : "I have a few sketches of places and buildings and I think they are in India. I want to find out where they are and visit them."

Nandu : "Also, I have a tune, I want to meet the person who composed it."

Cabir : "Oh..Ok.What's so special about them that you had to come all the way to India?"

Nandu didn't want to tell the actual reason. She didn't want anyone to think she is crazy or mock her.

Nandu : "I don't know....I just felt like seeing them."

Cabir : "Ok.If you show me the sketches, may be I can help you."

They reach Cabir's home. Dadi's friend introduces Nandu to her family. They talk to her for sometime. Cabir's mom shows Nandu her room and asks her to take rest. 

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