Chapter 6: Sinbad and Dreams

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Short Preview:
[Y/N], Aladdin and Morgiana learned about the Fog Troupe and Wonder Man Alibaba, however [Y/N] managed to convince them that it's not the Alibaba they are looking for although she knew. Sinbad soon introduce the trio Jafar and Masrur and we are going to the incident..


(Watch the anime, it's funny)
Aladdin blow the flute and at the same time, Ugo's hands appeared, Sinbad finish talking and Jafar spitting tea.

£Time Skip £ [YOUR POV!!!]

Me, Aladdin, Morgiana, Sinbad, Jafar and Masrur were at the side of the hotel, in front of a wooden door and there were stairs nearby. Ugo was in front of the wooden door, full form. "AMAZING-?!" Sinbad exclaimed, I think from the shock of there is another Magi. "Aladdin, you are also a Magi?!"

"Also?" Aladdin tilted his head to the side in confusion. "Do you know other Magi?" Sinbad touch Ugo's chest (yaoi? Nvm >~<) "Yes, I do know another Magi. Tho our relationship isn't the best..." Sinbad says. Aladdin and I stare right at him. Like we are seeing through him. Making Sinbad froze.

Aladdin ask, "Just who are you?" "I see... Since you are a Magi, I will reveal myself. I have hidden it until now so don't think badly about me."

"I am Sinbad"

Sinbad say proudly, but I pity him as Aladdin tilt his head and look confuse. Then Sinbad tried to make him remember the 'Legendary Sinbad' "The first dungeon, Baal. The sixth dungeon, Balefol. The sixteenth dungeon, Zepar. The thirty-fourth dungeon, Fulful. The forty-first dungeon, Focalor. The forty-second dungeon, Vepal. The forty-ninth dungeon, Kurosel.," (Not intended)

I decided to list out the dungeons that Sinbad captured. "Those are the dungeon that you captured right?" Sinbad, Jafar and Masrur looked a bit shock at me but then Sinbad change his perspective towards Aladdin while Jafar and Masrur continue to stare at me. I have to admit, I was uncomfortable.

Then I sudden had a shock of waves or line signal in my head, making me a bit unstable.While Sinbad and Aladdin was talking and Magi, I struggle to make myself look normal and walk towards Morgiana and ask if I can lean on her. She nod as she can tell that I am feeling unwell but didn't bring up the subject, so did Jafar and Masrur.

Sinbad then suddenly bring up a topic that took Morgiana and my attention. "Capture the Fog Troupe?!" Aladdin says surprising while Morgiana stares at him and I just look downwards but still listening. However, the headache was not getting any better which makes my hearing quite bad.

All I heard was "Joining forces", "He is just a child!", "I was 14" and so on but not a lot. Then I feel like my shoulders and Morgiana's body is moving so I looked up. Sinbad was pushing us and saying that we will wait at the hotel?

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