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My palm are sweating. My heart beats faster. Im just nervous to see Diana. 5 seconds later, she answer my call.

Diana: hi

I look into her eyes deeply. She's so beautiful oml. I cant get my eyes off her. I don't care if she's looking at me weirdly or what but she looks beautiful.

Diana: hey babe??? U there??? HAHA ur so cute

Daniel: oh oh my god HAHA im sorry for that u look INSANELY BEAUTIFUL.

Diana: Aww u too

Daniel: heh


"is that diana??"

"woohhh boiii"

"dani gettin one for him "

Everyone in the house bursts out of laughter except Daniel.

"ha ha funny" Daniel said sarcastically.

Jack: hey boo

Diana: hey

Zach: yo

Corbyn: wassup

Jonah: whatttt ur so beautiful

Daniel: hey she's mine broo

Zach: woohhhhhh u guys r dating???

Daniel: no broooo

Diana: hahah guys stop it hahaha

Jack: I like ur smile boo

Diana: thanks boo

Daniel: whats with this boo boo huh??

Diana: aw babe ur jealous??

Jack: neh bro we call each other boo *wink*

Daniel : no im not....

Zach: I like ur hair gurl

Diana :thanks boi

Corbyn : I like everything about you *wink*

Diana : aww so sweet

Daniel : WAIT ugh

"guys I wanna have some privacy right now......."

"ehem he's jealous"

"im sorry dani, I have Christina. 😉"

"we better get out guys" Jonah said laughing and walk out of the room.

Diana: haha bye guys

*skip the facetimin.....*

Diana's POV

I know that Daniel is jealous of me talking to them. I find it cute though. I wish I could see him in real life. WAittttttt..... omg I'm flying off in another 8 more days !!!

Days after days and the time has come.

"Diana!! Hurry up u gonna miss ur flight if ur late."

"I wont mom" I walk down the stairs with my luggage. Im wearing a denim jacket. I put on my simple makeup and go in the car. By the way,I almost forgot I live in Canada. Its gonna be along flight. Well,I cant wait to see my favourite boyband !! I check my phone and the WDW boys spam me. I mean except for Daniel of course.


Have a safe flight!!!!

Bro (jonah)

See u later lil gurl


Woooo cant wait to see u boo


Yooooo safe flight


See yall later !!

Don't tell Daniel

Boi (zach)

Ofc we wont

Our plans must go on


Text us when u have reach


Bye guys I love yall !

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