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isabella & natalia were in isabella's bathroom getting ready for the stranger things season 2 premiere.

"so is your boyfriend in prison for that cocaine they found"
isabella asked with a laugh 

"don't believe everything you read online"
natalia laughed

"i'm gonna believe it cause it's funny"
she said finishing her make up

natalia laughed rolling her eyes playfully.

hearing a knock isabella answers the door to see joe, noah, finn, dacre and winona. isabella smiled hugged them all

"you look stunning"
dacre complimented

"you look pretty good yourself "
she replied with a slight blush.

"thank you"
he replied

isabella nodded with a smile.

joe asked walking up to the pair they both nodded heading out.

isabella sighed looking out at the red carpet

dacre asked walking up next to her

"nervous is an understatement"
she replied not taking her eyes off the carpet

"would you like to do it with me"
dacre asked following her gaze

"you'd do that"
she asked finally looking at him

"of course darling"
he smiled at her.

she sighed nodding following him out nerves calming.

"nervous is an understatement"
dacre mocked as they both walked inside the building.

"you helped being there with me so shhh"
she said

"you forgot about me when you got out there"
he fired back

"did not"
she defended

"mhm" he mumbled

"here eat a cupcake, cupcake"
she smiled shoving a cupcake in his mouth.

dacre stood there with his mouth open frosting falling from it

"food fight was supposed to be later but if you insist"
he smirked shoving one in her face

"are you guys trying to get kicked out"
joe asked

isabella replied

joe glared at her but smiled once she handed him a cupcake.

isabella yawned leaning on joe

"man i don't think i can do anything anymore without getting tired"
isabella complained

"hey you're making me yawn go make someone else tired" he spoke

"wow love you too"
she sarcastically said

"i love you but i ain't tryna be tired"
he spoke like it was obvious.

isabella laughed walking over to dacre who was just watching others

"what's up"
dacre asked

"nothing just tired"
she replied "

"me too. do you want me to take you home"
dacre asked

"no that's okay i'll probably just get an uber or something"
she  said

"no really it's fine it's on the back to my hotel anyway"
he said putting his arm out

isabella smiled lacing her arm through his.

"thank you again for the ride dacre"
she said kissing his cheek "

"you're welcome"
he smiled blushing a bit.

isabella laughed getting out waving goodbye to dacre as he drove off. smiling she made her way into her house and went right to sleep.

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