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Pen Your Pride

The truth comes out 2

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Jennifer- no you dont unstand--- your not post to make a bet on a girl and you know what i regreat everything i ever done with you i hate you  ( Jennifer storms out with everything that she had and goes to Keyshias bus)

Keyshia- whats wrong Jennifer 

Jennifer- do you have an extra bunk 

Keyshia- i dont have bunks i have beds but yeah the one on the rights your but why you upset 

Jennifer- nothing i just wanted to get to know you more and i cried cause uhhhh i hit myself with some metal - lie 

Keyshia- oh im sorry but if it still hurts give me your medical records and well get it fixed oka

(Jennifer nodded)

(SO Jennifer heads to the extra bed purts her suitcase under the bed and cries so Keyshia cant hear her but Keyshia was out of the room so Jennifer started singing 

Jennifer Singing- What do to make hate me so mch and what did i say to make yo those word where will i go when you always pushed me away and what do you feel when say things cause i cant deal those things life hurts when passes away someone tell me what im post to do when im ANNNGRy at you

(Jennifer stops singing and Kiesha comes in)

Keyshia- Jennifer 

Jennifer- yes 

Keyshia- You okay  

Jennifer- Yeah imma just go to bed okay

Keyshia- okay 

(keyshia leaves and lets Jennifer sleep -----------------------------------Next Morning Jennifer wakes up to the smell of CHINSE FOOD)

Jennifer- mom? ( Walks ing the kitchen )

Princeton- Yes dear  (female voice)

Jennifer- Where is you shirt and pants 

Princeton- just came out of bed and the kids on the other bus will dog me for my chinse food so i went here to eat it want some 

Jennifer- naw im not really in the mood for eating 

Princeton- still mad bout last night 

Jennifer- yeah 

princeton- well you shouldnt let a boy like Roc get you down like hes a good person really he is but he can do the stupidest things to proves something but he means no harm but really you should give him another chance 

Jennifer- Jacob im not the last cookie on the plate okay he was wrong and we was dating and that was a bad move for him okay its not my falt he was wrong AND IM NOT WILLING TO GO THROUGH MORE STUFF CAUSE LOOK IT WAS THE FIRST DAY AND HE ALREADY SCREWED UP

Jacob- Please for me just please cause hes in his room not talking to anyone cause he feels so bad 

jennifer - look ill think it over okay 

Jacob- Thank you *Gets up and hugs her and looks at her then when they were about to kiss kiss deepy and Jennifer pulls them apart 

Jennifer- ill see you later 

(than walks out and when she does she bumps into keyshia )

Jennifer- oh hey mom 

Keyshia- i have an idea but its up to you if you want to or not but i was going to tell you tonight but its better if you know now so you  can decide when okay 

Jennifer- Okay  you make it sound like its a bad thing a little but what is it 

Keyshia-You remember how you was famous when you were young

Jennifer- Yeah Lyric and Melody  good times 

Keyshia- How would you like to make a comback Jennifer and i know who you should do it with you remeber Jadea 

Jennifer- Yeah 

KEYSHIA- WELL it seems here a Ray are going out and i heard her singing this morning cause he snuck her in without my permission but you know i cant get mad at ray so i had a convo with her and well i ask her if she was okay to leave this state and go to Cali in my mansion and  theres a recording studio down stairs and i got one of the young famous rappers there to help you so you up for it

Jennifer- ................

*see what Jennifer says in the next chapter& sorry ive been busy so i couldnt get this story finished on time so here but imma be out camping this week so sorry but hey atleast i got this out hehe hope you like 

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