Stupid Jokes

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1. Listen, you have no damn brain, doctors cut your head open and found stains

2. I'm the nerd, your the dummy, I have common sense, you run to your mummy

3. Alright, I'm not tryin to make fun of you, but whats the highest number you can count to, number two

4. Why you coming at me, I rhyme the best, you look like a hobo, stupid like the rest

5. Everybody going to wish they have seen this, your brain is as small as yo penis

6. I actually have a home, yo dumb booty stays on the streets in Rome

7. When is the last time you took a bath, the last time you actually did good in math

8. You dumb as hell, you thought you could actually fit inside a turtle shell

9. Your rhymes are straight whack, rap skills are one of the things you lack, you have stinky breath, what you need a tick tack

10. Everybody knows that your stupid, you thought you could fall in love because you saw a fake cupid

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