Short Jokes

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1. This dude is short as hell, he went on stage the crowd couldn't even tell

2. You are shorter than Kevin Hart, your shorter than the memory of an old fart

3. Now, I am a kind boy, yo face though brought nobody joy

4. Everybody should call you short stop, you got pulled over and didn't get seen by the cop

5. You are shorter than the life time of Trump, only way people could see you is if you jumped

6. Everyone knows my rhymes are hot, yo short butt could fit in a shoe slot

7. When you joined the midget contest you were number one, but they said you cheated and they had no fun

8. When it comes to you, I stand tall, when you walk on stairs you always fall

9. Short jokes always bore me, but you are shorter than the numbers below number three

10: My question to you is can you blow, when I asked you, you said HELL NO

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