Ugly Jokes

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1. Everybody stay away from him, he was put in a game and ruined the Sims

2. Just keep yo face in a shell, if there's one thing we could tell, its that your ugly as hell

3. You are one ugly dude, you looked at someone and they said your rude

4. You have one ugly face, only place you go to is the uglier guys place

5. Bro, your hideous, you are both hetero and homogenous

6. Put a brown bag over yo head, you are uglier than a cockroach infested bed

7. You will never get money, yo face is the opposite of funny

8. You scared the crowd when you walked on stage, everybody skipped yo Facebook page

9. You will never get a nice loan, yo first picture virtually scared yo damn phone

10. There is something you should know, you are uglier than Trump if he could blow

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