Chapter 14: My personal maid

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Yume's POV

When did I become HIS personal maid???? And what, he is ordering ME around!!!! That sick jerk! And he's acting cute. Well he is cute.... but   what the heck???? I glare at him, wanting to punch him, but his mother is here, and I am just holding back....and that jerk is smirking at me, and I have the desire to kill him right now, ya get it? Right now, I'm being force to obey him, and being force to serve him, and also.....the worst thing is..... TO WEAR A MAID COSTUME IN FRONT OF HIM!!!!!!!! And wanna know why I needa to do such thing? Well....


Yume's POV

He fainted! And so, I call auntie and she says that there will be a car to bring him home. "Miss, can you also come along? Sir is burning up, can you help me to look after him?" The maid asks as we arrive to his home, I mean mansion. It's super big! I can't help but gasp. "Yume, can.....can you bring" That jerk asks. "Where is it Then?" I ask, annoy. "The maid will tell you. Now quick!" He says, so weak. He is burning up, and he is laying on the sofa now. And so, I bring him to his room. Wow, the first I saw is shouting, "WOW!!!!!" "Yudetako, you're loud, now get out, I need to sleep." Subaru says. I, looking around, not replying him, so amazed by the surroundings. "Hey, now Yudetako, you wanna sleep with me?" He says. And this is the only sentence I heard since I arrive his room. "WHAT???" I shout. "Maybe you need to repay me by either being my personal maid for today or sleep with me for two days. Now, which do you prefer?" He smirks, looking at me, such a devil. "Well...." I suck. "Well, I save your life, now give me your thanks by doing either one of these." 

Flashback done 

Now that's how I end up in this sexy, embarrassing maid clothes. Which he is staring at me totally like a pervert.

Subaru's POV 

Oh my gosh!!! That maid costume looks real good on her. And now what, I  hope that I have high fever for the rest of my life! And I know I'm staring at her like a pervert, but you can't blame me, who tell her to look so good in that costume and have that real cute face? I want her to be mine forever!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I HAVE TO ADMIT THAT I LOVE HER! TOTALLY!!!! Gahhhhhh! "Now, master. What do you want me to do?" Yume asks, acting being force. "I want you to feed me food." Those words come out of my mouth without thinking, and the moment I realise, I turn red. "W-What?" Yume shouts, her hands shaking.

Yume's POV

What the hell? My first date, my first kiss, all my first, why does it have to be his? And now, my very first date is ruined!!!!!!

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