Bonus Chapter 1

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Addison's P.O.V

I woke up to the feeling of Lilac straddling me and shaking me awake.

"What," I groaned, keeping my eyes closed.

"Get up lazy head,"


"But It's Christmas grumpy,"

"I don't care," I groaned, tying to fall back asleep.

"Addison, everyone's coming over soon and we're still naked," I opened my eyes and took in Lilac's naked body on top of me. I grabbed her hair and lightly tugged her down to my lips. I kissed her, feeling the familiar warmth invade my body.

"Merry Christmas Fiancé,"

"Merry Christmas future wife," I smirked, kissing her lips again.

"Addison," she moaned, my fingers sliding down her stomach.

"We have to get up," she whispered, her voice croaking.

"I'm sure we could have a quick session," I nibbled on her bottom lip.

"As much as I want to, we're running out of time," she sighed, rolling off me and walking towards the dresser.

"Come back,"

"We need to shower Addison, get up,"

"You don't have to ask me twice to get in the shower with you," I smirked, walking towards her and wrapping my arms around her waist.

"I meant we as in me by myself Addison,"

"Please," I pouted, my fingers close to her core.

"F-Fine, but only quick," She stuttered. I picked her up bridal style and carried her into the shower. After this she'll want to have quickies with me all the time.


"Addison come here!" Lilac called from the living room. I got off the table and walked to her.

"I can't reach the roof, help me put this up?" She asked, getting off the stool. I grabbed the tinsel from her and stood on the stool. I was about to tape it to the roof when Lilac sent a slap across my ass.

"Babe," I warned, knowing that if she did it again we wouldn't be putting these decorations up.

"You have a good butt, I couldn't resist," She smiled, hitting it again before quickly walking away from me.

"Paybacks a bitch Lilac!"

"I like the sound of this payback," I couldn't help but smirk. She is something else.

"Dad texted me, they'll be here in a minute,"

"They're bringing all the food right? Because I forgot to go shopping,"

"Yes, and because your cooking skills are still amateur, they'll be cooking too,"

"I'm not that bad at cooking,"

"You burnt pancakes Addison. Pancakes,"

"Because you distracted me,"

"I distracted you huh?" She asked, wrapping her hands around my waist, lowering them and gripping my ass.

"Y-Yes," I breathed, trying to find some control.

"What's wrong Addison?" She whispered, moving closer to me.


"Sure sure," she smirked, leaving her lips inches from mine.

"We are here to cook up a feast!" Lilac's dad called from the door. I groaned, feeling sexually frustrated. Lilac pecked my lips, before helping her parents bring supplies in from outside.

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