Bonus Chapter 2

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Addison's P.O.V

I have never had such a horrible wedgie in my life. This suit was fitted perfectly yet somehow it's up my ass.

"Stop pulling at your suit," Jaycee groaned, tying my tie.

"I've got a fucking wedgie Jaycee. It feels like it's right up my ass,"

"Maybe you gained weight from stressing so much,"

"Shut up Jaycee. If anything I've built in muscle," I groaned, pulling out the wedgie again.

"You're ego just grew out tour ass,"

"Don't be an ass,"

"Change your underwear if you have to Addison, just stop pulling it out," she laughed.

"And walk down the aisle with my suit up my ass? No thank you,"

"Guessing You didn't have sex last night, you're so uptight," I rolled my eyes at her comment.

"Ugh I'm just so uncomfortable. Why can't I just walk down the aisle in shorts and a shirt?"

"Because you're marrying the girl of your dreams Addison. Plus you don't look half bad in a suit,"

"Lilac better appreciate this,"

"Oh you'll know how much she appreciates it tonight,"

"Don't start talking about my sex life," she raised her hands in surrender.

"Must be good sex if you've stayed this long,"

"It isn't just about sex Jaycee,"

"It would've been at first though,"

"We didn't have sex for at least half a year knowing each other,"

"Addison holding out? Who would've thought?" She joked.

"Well I love her. I'd do anything for her,"

"Naw," she smirked, punching my shoulder.

"When are you asking Isabelle to marry you?"

"Once she finishes school. I want her to get her doctorate and then we can celebrate,"

"Remind me to give you this hard of a time on your wedding day,"

"No promises,"

"Why did I pick you as best woman?"

"Because I am the best,"

"Are you Ready?"

"No," I sighed, looking myself over in the mirror again. I had my hair braided into a French broad with flowers weaved in. The black suit fitted my body perfectly. My makeup was done flawlessly and I looked as good as ever.

"You're not getting cold feet are you?

"No I'm just nervous,"

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