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Dear Reader, Thank you for reading my book, I hope you enjoy it, but before we begin...


Main Characters :

Ruby Lynn

Xavier Parker

Nathan Sage

Lyla Paige


  W A R N I N G  

Grammar Errors
Bad words

( There are some mistakes/ errors in this book which are being fixed. )

This book is all fiction. Based off of the authors own imagination and creativity. Anything that may trigger old memories or resemble a personal incident is coincidental and the author is truly sorry :(

The author does NOT support any other authors to copy this book in any way if not given permission by the author. The writers take their work very seriously and, therefore anyone who claims to have credit for this book with be immediately reported and blocked

Please feel free to give me comments on how to improve it or your opinions on the story.

I read through each chapter before I publish it to make sure I have no mistakes, but unfortunately, I'm human, therefore, I apologize in advance for the mistakes that may occur. This chapter is very small but along the way it gets longer and more interesting, to understand what's going on don't just stop reading after a couple of chapters keep reading to understand what happens and why this is not a cliche book.

This book will be a part of a series. The second book is published.

Please do not ask the author for a position in the book, such as a character in the story, or a co-writer.

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|| Published : 1/01/2018 ||

|| Finished : 3/16/2018 ||

|| Started Editing : 7/8/2018 ||

|| Finished : Unknown

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Bonus: Sometimes, I would publish earlier than planned.

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Author: Hannah A.  iecbear

Co-Editor: Nicole Winters 1Blue_e

Inspiration: Prison Mate IsAFluffyFox

Cover By: Hannah A. iecbear

Banners: Hannah A 

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