Chapter 002: Castle Byers

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Brynn had gone to several other houses on the street, they were all old and covered in vines, just like the first. She had walked down a long driveway and into another small house, one that seemed to be separated from the others. The house was vacant aside from decor and vines, lots and lots of vines. The house had two boys rooms, one had tons of drawings up on the walls. The drawings were amazing, with perfectly straight lines and faces that looked so human it felt like they were looking at you.

    She was about to touch a drawing when a loud sound came from outside, causing her to jump and spin around. She slowly made her way out to the front porch, where she heard a series of footsteps thumping on the soft alien-like ground. She quietly peered around the house, but there was nothing there. She heard more footsteps in the woods, then made one of the most bold decisions of her life.

...She chased them.

    There she was, running full speed through the dark, creepy woods of this unknown place, when the footsteps stopped. She stopped to listen, but heard nothing. Once again, there was absolute silence...

...Then there was breathing

...And crying.

    Brynn quietly shuffled along, going in the direction of the crying. She finally made it to a small shack in the middle of the woods, with the words 'Castle Byers' Painted across the top. The sounds were coming from inside of it. She walked up to it and lifted up the sheet it had for a door. Inside was a boy, he looked to be somewhere around her age. He was curled up in the corner, tears flowing freely down his face.

"Uhh... Excuse me?" She asked, trying not to frighten him. He looked up at her, then pulled his legs closer in to his chest.

"Do you know where we are?" She politely asked, he shook his head.

"It's so much like home... but it's so different at the a same time...." He said. "Who are you?"


"What's your name?"

"My name...? My name is 013," She said.

"Like the number?"


"I'm Will..." He said. Brynn studied his face for a moment before looking at the picture, which was still clasp in her left hand.

"Is this you?" She asked, holding out the picture. He took it from her.

"Yeah, where did you get this?" He asked.

"A house." She said. "Who are these other boys?"

"Lucas, Dustin, and Mike. My friends,"

"Are they here?"

"No, they're at home,"
Will said. Brynn opened her mouth to say something, but it was drowned out by a loud screeching sound outside. The two kids exchanged glances, then Brynn slowly moved the Sheet and peeked out. There was a huge being standing there, it looked like its skin had been torn off, and its face opened up like a flower. It had hundreds of teeth in its mouth, and long sharp claws. Brynn watched in horror as the thing quickly made its way toward her. She screamed at the top of her lungs and held up her hand. The thing stopped and cocked its head as it was looking at her, though it had no eyes.

"Go," She said. She concentrated and the monster flew backwards into a tree, then got up and went the other way. She turned around and saw Will peering out from behind the sheet.

"What the heck was that?!" He asked.

"I don't know..." Brynn said.

"Your nose..." Will said. "It's bleeding..."

"I know." Brynn responded. "It happens whenever I use my gifts,"


"Thats what the bad men call them. I can control things with my mind, and make people pass out, but that takes a lot of energy, so I don't do it very often," Brynn explained.

"So you're a Mage,"

"A what?" She asked.

"A Mage, it means your magical,"

"Oh... What are you?"

"The Cleric," He said.

"What's that?"

"It's a Character from the game Dungeons and Dragons, its basically a link between the mortal world and the world of gods,"

"What does a Mage do?" She asked.

"They basically spend their whole lives studying magic,"

"I was born with mine," She said.

"Well then your just a Mage that's cooler than all of the others," He said, and she smiled.

"Are we ever gonna get out of here?" Brynn asked, turning and looking off into the dark, mysterious woods.

"I hope so..."

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