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Lilac's P.O.V

I felt the bullet pierce through my hand and hit the brick wall behind me.

"Agh!" I screamed in pain, feeling my hand burn like it was on fire. I heard Lilac screaming. He stood over me, his shadow covering my body.

"You're pathetic girl, just like that lover of yours," Kingsley spat, kicking me on the ground. I yelled in pain, his boot hitting my ribs. I was ready for another punch when he fell to the ground. He grunted and turned to Addison. The gun had fallen out of his hands and into my lap.

"Stupid girl!" He spat, lunging himself at Addison. I tried to hold the tears back but when my hands grabbed the cold metal, my heart ached.

"You're gonna Get it for what you did!" He roared. He lifted his hand to punch Addison. I held the gun directly at his heart from the back and without a second thought I pulled the trigger. The gun shook in my hands, the bullet piercing through his chest. My hands were shaking, still clasping the cold metal like it wasn't so foreign to me. His body shook with shock. Addison pushes him off her and looked for me. I was shaking. I was holding the gun in my hand. I shot him. I killed him.

"Lilac," she whispered, throwing her shirt off and tying it around my hand to stop the bleeding. I dropped the gun, the cold metal echoing through the air. I heard Kingsley's struggles for air. I had killed him. I had shot him straight through the chest. I watched as the blood seeped out from under him.

I shot up, sweat was looking over my body. I looked down at my hands and found the cast on my left one.

"Lilac?" Addison groaned, sitting up in the bed. My heart was racing. I killed Kingsley. I killed him. I killed him. I killed him.

"Hey, Lilac it's okay," Addison whispered, bringing me into her arms.

"I-I k-killed him," I barely whispered, remembering how cold the metal was in my hands.

"It was self defence Lilac-"

"It felt so good but so wrong," I whispered, shaking my head to keep the tears back.

"Lilac," Addison whispered, turning my head to look at her.

"You saved me, Don't for a second think you killed him for no reason,"

"I-I didn't second guess. I-I just did it," Addison gave me a sad smile, bringing me into her arms. She ran her fingers through my hair, kissing me on the forehead.

"I-I don't know what came over me I-" I choked on a sob, remembering how he was breathing so heavily before he died. I watched him die. I watched the bullet pierce through his chest. I shot him straight in the heart.

"It's okay," Addison whispered in my ear.

"I can't-" I couldn't find the words to speak. Was I a murderer? I killed someone. And it felt so foreign yet like it was meant to be.

"You're not a murderer Lilac! Don't ever think that! You saved my ass,"

"I didn't have to kill him, there are other ways-"

"We can't change what happened Lilac. We can't change the fact he's dead-"

"I should've shot his leg or something," I sobbed, the guilt rising in my chest.

"He was a horrible man-"

"What happens if he had kids? A wife? A family Addison? I fucking killed him," I sobbed, letting the hard cries fall from my eyes. My lips were trembling with the stinging ache in my chest. I could've killed someone's dad, brother or husband.

"Lilac, listen to me," Addison begged, holding my hands in hers. I couldn't look into her eyes. I was a murderer.

"I know it's hard to accept what happened. I know I don't know how it feels but I do. It's hard to accept when someone dies and you can't do anything to stop it-"

"I could've," I whispered, she held my face in her hands to force my eyes to look in her calming green ones.

"Lilac, please don't hurt yourself over this. Kingsley abused, raped and hurt me for as long as I can remember. He wasn't a good man. Yes he might've had family but he should've thought about that before turning into the monster that he is,"

"Am I a monster?" I choked.

"Never," she whispered, placing her lips on mine. The kiss was soft, loving and caring.

"If you want to see someone to help with what's happening I can go with you. If you want to talk to me I am here. I will always be here for you Lilac. I'd do anything for you," she smiled, running her fingers over my lips.

"I love you with all of my heart and seeing you like this hurts. I know I can't change what happened and if I could I would've swapped positions with you. I just, it hurts me seeing you like this," I felt the tears fall from my cheeks again.

"Lilac, I'll catch you Okay? Let me prove to you that I have you just as much as you have me," I began to cry harder, my head finding her chest. She held me tight into her. She never let go. Not when I finished crying. Not when I fell asleep. She kept holding me. She kept me safe. She held me until deep down I knew that what had happened happened and I couldn't change a thing. She held me.

"Addison," I whispered, looking up at her. Her eyes were already looking at me.

"Will you come take me to the councillor?"

"Anything for my girl," she whispered, her lips turned up in a smile. I leaned up and kissed her lips. I could never get tired of the way she treated me. She kept me safe. She made me feel as if life without her wouldn't make sense. She made me believe that even when bad things happen, if you have that one person you love deeply, as long as they are here, everything will be okay. She let me know that it'll all be okay. I wasn't a murderer. I was just saving the love of my life. And I would do it again.

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