Forest of Chakra Or Forest Of Love!? Sleep Talking Is Not Funny If Its You

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"Look, the sensie is coming around." Naruto called.

"Father, I'm so glad your okay. I was so worried!" I came and gave him a hug.

"Hey, Kakashi-sensie, are you okay?" Naruto asked.

"Oh, right as I was saying, tracker ninja deal with the body on the spot. Think about it, what did the tracker ninja do with Zabuza's body?"

"We don't know what he did with it. I guess he took it away somewhere." Sakura replied.

"Exactly, but why? He should of worked on Zabuza right there as quickly as possible. Think of the weapons he used to take Zabuza down."Kakashi continued.

"Senbon needles. No way." Sasuke replied.

"All of it adds up." Kakashi said.

"What are you guys yammering about? You destoryed him!" Tazuna said.

"Heres the truth, Zabuza is still alive." Kakashi told Tazuna.

"But you said his heart stoppped." Sakura stated.

"It did stop but only temparaly. I think the tracker ninja wasn't trying to kill him but to save him." Kakashi explained.

"Last minute training isn't gonna help us defeat Zabuza! You could barely defeat him, even with your Sharingan! You have to be reasonable." Sakura yelled.

"What was the reason I was able to defeat Zabuza? You guys." Kakashi told us.

"Things are gonna be better from now on. Believe it!" Naruto smiled.

"I don't believe it! It won't ever be good." Some cute little kid came in.

"Who are you!?" Naruto yelled getting irrated.

"Oh, Inari!" Tazuna said pleased.

"I'ts good to have you back grandpa!" Inari said happily.

"Inari! That was very rude! These ninja helped your grandpa, come here safely." Tsunami told Inari

"Its okay. I'm rude to them too!" Tazuna said with out hesitation.

"Mom! Don't you see these people are gonna die! Gato will come back, find them and kill them!" Inari yelled to his mom.

"What did you say brat!? I'm gonna be hokage! Gato is no match for a real hero like me!" Naruto yelled.

"There's no such thing as a real hero. Your just full of stupid ideas! If you wanna stay alive, you should go back from where you came from! " Inari walked away.

"Who does that brat think he is!" Naruto walked away.

"Naruto!" I ran after him.

"I shoould put him in his place, right now!" Naruto said angrily.

"No! No, its not the right thing to do!" I told him not wanting to. Naruto kept waling closer to Inari's room. That was until we heard sobbing, it was coming from Inari's room. He's crying. Me and Naruto looked into his room and saw Inari crying.

"No! Daddy! No!" Inari sobbed.

"Oh, inari!" I anime waterfall cried to myself with Naruto watching me, with an amused look on his face.

                            LATER THAT NIGHT

I was outside getting some fresh air in the forest. It was a full moon, tonight. It was amazing, so beatiful, sparkly down on the night. Sharing its beatiful glow to people, giving people dreams. It was about two A.M. I couldn't really sleep.