It’s not angsty or anything, so don’t worry. I’d like to keep this story…light. Anyway, maybe there will be lilo in the next chapter and some ziall, whatever works out. Alrighty then, have fun reading and give me feedback to lighten my mood (even though you don’t anyway). Love you all, and yeah…

    “BE QUIET!” The teacher shouted over the noise, and it took a minute of banging on the table and threatening detention for them to quiet down.

    Liam moved down in his seat so that he wouldn’t be noticed, but it was too late.

    “Good morning, Ms..” Harry trailed off.

    “Ms. Fergoson.” She supplied quickly.

    “Ms. Fergoson, may I speak with Liam Payne? It’ll only be but a second.” He smiled his charming smile, and right at that very moment, Liam felt like killing him.

    The whole class turned toward him in sync, with mouth wide open. Liam mentally cursed Harry because he worked so hard to stay unnoticed, so hard, and him asking for Liam just single handedly destroyed the whole thing.

    “Of course you can.” She smiled and gestured for Liam to get up.

    Glaring at Harry all the while, he reluctantly walked over to him and Harry handed him the lunch.

    “You forgot you food at home love, so I brought it for you.”

    He moved closer to Liam’s ear.

    “Payback for not letting me finish what we started last night.”

    Placing a quick kiss on Liam’s cheek, he waved to the class and stalked off.

    ‘That cheeky bastard. I’m going to kill him’

    He turned back to the class who were all staring at him openly in shock.

    “How do you know him?” Jeremy breathed, seemingly the only one who could say anything.

    “I don’t actually, I signed up for one of their contests, you know, the one in that magazine, and apparently I won.” He smiled nervously in hopes that they believed him.

    It took a moment, but they seemed to nod in understanding, and he let out a shaky breath.

    I will not only kill him, but bring him back to life then torture him back to death.

    Liam was lucky they didn’t hear that little comment that Harry made, so he sat back down and let his teacher resume her boring Algebra shit. He didn’t even need to learn about it, since he knew practically everything she was talking about.


        When the bell rang, Liam dashed out of the classroom and found Niall near the water fountain with a small smirk playing on his face.

    “That bitch will die.” He growled out, feeling the need to punch something, preferably someone.

    “I think it’s funny, actually,” Niall said trying to stifle his laughter.

    “Of course you do, munchkin, that’s because you weren’t a victim of the assault,”

    “I’m going to get back at him, Niall hun, and you’re going to help me, whether you want to or not.”

    He saw the way Niall’s eyes widened dramatically as he clutched at his heart falling to the ground.