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[NOTICE: Groups  take a long time to put together so bear with me, soloists might need to wait as well but not as long as the groups

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[NOTICE: Groups take a long time to put together so bear with me, soloists might need to wait as well but not as long as the groups. Models, Actors and Actresses will likely debut right away.]

[03/03/19: As much as possible I'd like to see some male trainees too please? There's only so many girl groups, if you read the rules you can apply for another trainee if you'd like.]

[Face Claims: Ulzzangs are reserved for Actors, Actresses and Models ^_^]

(Be unique)

[ I D E N T I F Y ]

Username: WP username

Name: Your character's full name

Stage Name: Be creative?

Nickname(s): Optional

[ D N A ]

Age: Refer to fc's age


Height: Refer to your fc's height

Weight: Refer to your fc's weight

Blood Type:

[ E X ' A C T ]

Birthplace // Hometown: Your birthplace // then your hometown:


[ W H O A R E Y O U]

Personality: Paragraph form or in 5 bullets

Habits: Max of 6

Likes: Max of 5

Dislikes: Max of 5

[ H E Y M A M A ! ]

Background: Preferably in paragraph form but will accept in bullets

Family [Name//Age//Relationship//Occupation]:

[ D E S T I N Y ]

Solo or Group: Make a note if you want to debut as a model or an actor/actress as well.

Face Claim:

Backup Face Claim:

Talent: Keep all numbers diverse (numbers can repeat 2x max,) Can't do 0 and below

+ Dance - /10

+ Vocals - /10

+ Rap - /10

+ Visuals - /10

+ Other - acting, composing, etc rate it as well! /10

(This helps me decide your position and role in the group.]

Audition: Paste the links to those YT videos here and tell me what you're going to be showcasing in that video (ex: Dance - BTS DNA) If you're auditioning to be an actor/actress then paste a link to a drama scene here.

Password: PM ME THIS, hope you read the rules ;)

Trivia // Additional Note // Ideal Type: This is where you add anything that you want to add including your ideal type or if you want you can add a facts area or a trivia here instead of a note.

Special Talents: Semi-unique talents that your trainee has, if you've seen weekly idol then you know what I mean by Special Talents.

Tag at least 4 people :)


(Remember the maximum amount of trainees you're allowed to have is 3)


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