My Happy Life

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My life is full of amazing features and people. I have an awesome and down to earth mother with a few good friends I can count on. I have a beautiful German Shepherd that's devoted to me and I have alot of free time that I spend entertaining myself and talking to people. While my life may seem like I hate it I truly am lucky to have the one I do.

I've lost alot, but I've gained more. Misery only exist as long as you let it. I hate the fact that everything doesn't go my way, but I'm starting to accept that.

I may not seem happy but things could be way worse.

I'm not saying there aren't obstacles, there are, but I have alot of amazing things and people that help with that.


I dare each one of you to make a book like this or a chapter talking about what you're happy for. If you're not comfortable with posting it on your page, send it to me and I can copy and paste it to here and leave it anonymous.

And that goes out to people who I didn't even @. If you wanna post one of these feel free to do it. This wasn't exactly my invention.

Thanks for reading this, have a nice day


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