Part 140*

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*** Please read the note at the end. It's important! 

Verma: (smirking) Don't have anything to say Mr. Shravan Malhotra?! What happened?!

Judge: What is this Shravan? You said that Aditya assaulted you and Mrs. Suman, but this video shows otherwise.

Shravan: (feeling guilty)  I apologize your honor, but the video is true. I did raise a hand on Aditya and I take full responsibility for it.

Verma: See! Exactly what I thought! And on this basis my client, Aditya, can file a case of assault for you as well!

Shravan: Your honor, I admit that I did hit Aditya in the beginning to start the fight, but whatever Aditya did was not self defense! I'd like to call Pushkar Malhotra back to the witness stand.

Judge: Permission is-------


Everyone in the court turned their attention to the clock that went off, signaling the end of the court session.

Judge: Order! Order! Order! The session for this hearing is officially over for the day. The next court hearing will be held in 2 days, in which we will continue the investigation of this case and come to a conclusion if enough evidence is provided for the case. The court is adjourned.

Shravan let out a breath of relief as the judge left the room. Shravan looked back to Sumo to find her already looking at him. He gave her a weak smile before gesturing her to go outside with the rest of the family. Once everyone was gone. It was just Verma and Shravan left in the room. 

Verma: (smirking) What happened Shravan? Couldn't handle it?? Don't worry, you'll get used to losing soon.

Shravan: (angry) Oh shut up you bast*td! I would have killed you if it wasn't for Pushkar! You better back down Verma! You won't win this! I will not let that happen as long as I live! 

Verma: (laughing) Back down?! For the money I'm getting? No way! And plus, along with money I'm getting the satisfaction of seeing your precious Sumo hurt! Oh Shravan, you have no idea how good I felt when I saw tears in her eyes!

Shravan: (gritting his teeth) You sick piece of sh*t! Just wait till I'm done with you!

Verma: (glaring) Threating a lawyer Shravan! Huh? Well threaten me all you want, cause in the end, I'll always win.

Shravan: In your dreams! Cause as long as I'm alive, I'll never let you win this. Nor will I ever let you hurt my Sumo.

Verma: (smirking) But I already did Shravan. I hurt Sumo--oh sorry, I hurt YOUR Sumo so badly that she ended up in the hospital.

Shravan: (shocked) What the f*ck are you talking about?!

Verma: (laughing) What do you think huh? You think that was a coincidence?

Shravan: (shocked) You son of a b*tch! It was you! You set PCT on fire! I'm gunna kill you Verma! I swear I'm not going to spare you!

Verma: You'll never be able to prove that I did it. (laughing) I told you Shravan, that slap would be expensive for you. Take that now. And what did you do when you saw your wife's dreams burn to flames in front your eyes? Nothing! You couldn't do anything Shravan! And just like that, I'm going to break you and Sumo.

Shravan: Try all you want! Because now it's not just Aditya I'm after, it's you too. If you were the one who set PCT on fire, then I won't sit still until I see you burn in the same fire you started!

Just as Shravan was about to pounce on him, the door opened and Pushkar ran inside. 

Pushkar: Bhaiya?! What are you doing here?! Sumo has been looking everywhere for you?!

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