six; just call a truce

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        After school had finally ended, Mary had done as her father had said and drove straight home, not wanting to be in his firing range

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        After school had finally ended, Mary had done as her father had said and drove straight home, not wanting to be in his firing range. But she was surprised when she pulled up outside the trailer to see her dad already standing by his truck, a cigarette in his mouth and hat laying on top of the car.

She got out of her car, slamming it shut and pulling her jacket closer to her body, "Just let me get changed and then I'll clean the —"

"I changed my mind," Jim interrupted his daughter, making her come to a quick halt beside him, "I've got a few places I've gotta drive by to search for Will. You're coming with me." He said and Mary's face lit up as she jumped on the spot.

"For real?" She asked him excitedly, "I get to witness some real police work? I —"

"No," Jim sang over her, tossing the cigarette onto the damp grass and her smile fell, "I do police work. You stay in the car." Mary's mouth fell open, an irritated look on her face.

"That makes no sense! What's the point in me going and keeping me in the car — you know how badly I want to be Chief one day, dad —"

"Mary, either get in the truck or you stay home all night. It's your decision." Jim said, opening the door to the drivers side and waiting for his daughter whom glared at him intensely.

"This is such bullshit!" She exclaimed, but nevertheless threw open the door to the car and got inside, throwing herself onto the seat, banging the door shut and folding her arms at her chest like a toddler.

Jim sighed putting his hat back on his head before following in after her and starting up the engine and after a moment of silence, he pulled the key back out and turned to her, "I'm not trying to punish you, Mary," He told her, earning a scoff as she stared straight ahead out the windshield, "I'm not. I'm just trying to put down a few ground rules..." He trailed off, watching his daughters emotionless face before sighing again.

"You wanna know the reason for my sudden strictness?" He asked her, raising his eyebrows. That earned a reaction from Mary and she turned to look at him, "Your moms been hounding my ass over the phone since yesterday —"

Mary scrunched her face up, "What, why? Because Will Byers couldn't find his way home? That's not my fault, why the hell should I have to miss out on things just because Joyce can't keep an eye on her —"

"That's why, right there, Mary," Jim spoke over her before throwing up his hands carelessly, "You're selfish. There, I said it. You're a selfish little brat and frankly, I should have put my foot down with you a long time ago." Mary's lips were parted, her heart thumping in her chest at her father's words whom seemed like he had been holding them back for quite some time.

"Your mother agrees. Even went so far as saying she'd like you back — she wants you to go live in New York with her, Mary," He informed her and she faltered for a moment, a look of panic crossing her face as she opened her mouth but her father beat her to it, "I told her that you're fine here." Mary sighed in relief, pressing the back of her head against the headrest, squeezing her eyes shut.

Jim was quiet for a moment before he leaned closer, an unusual look of sincerity on his face, "I don't want to lose you, kid," He said and she opened her eyes, turning her head to look at him, "So until this shit is over — until we find Will. Can we please, please just call a truce? So I don't have to lose you to your mom and that dickhead husband of hers."

Mary hadn't realised she was crying, not really. But upon glancing up and seeing her reflection in the rear view mirror, she realised she was and she quickly wiped the tears away. Hating that she was crying let alone crying in front of her dad.

Jim seemed desperate for his daughter to accept the offer, his face showed that. He didn't want to lose custody of her because her mom didn't feel like she was safe in Hawkins. He wanted her by his side, where he could keep an eye on her and make sure she was alright.

Eventually, Mary was nodding, "Yeah," She agreed and Jim breathed out on sheer relief, closing his eyes for a moment, "Just so I don't have to go live with mom and her dickhead husband." She joked, a small smile on her lips and Jim snorted loudly, a toothy smile taking over his lips and the sight of it made Mary laugh and smile too.

"I don't like that language," Jim said, but still, he smiled, "But I'll let you away with it. Just this once, alright? Now, what do you say we both go and do some police work?" He asked her, arching an eyebrow and Mary pursed her lips in a small smile.

"I'd like that, dad."


            Jim had filled Mary in on most of the details of Will Byers disappearance

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Jim had filled Mary in on most of the details of Will Byers disappearance. He told her they believed he hadn't just got lost, that something bad had happened to the kid or he had saw something and fled. Mary had instantly felt an overwhelming feeling of guilt in her chest. A little boy wasn't playing hooky, he was in fact missing.

They had drove to their location quickly, where her father's officers already were, scoping out the cliff above. Not yet checking the quarry hundreds of feet down.

The father and daughter had gotten out of the car, Jim taking his hat off and dropping it onto Mary's head like he used to do when she was little and she smiled boldly at him, adjusting it properly on her head, shielding her from the afternoon sky.

Jim was smiling to himself as they approached the edge of the cliff, where Mary could remember she and Charlie sitting at the edge on their first date where he had made her a picnic — it had been quite terrible actually, he had been so nervous he knocked the basket over and it fell into the quarry. He had been embarrassed but Mary was sure it was the moment she fell in love with him.

She was smiling fondly at the memory as her father spoke with Officer Callahan, "You make that jump from this height that water turns into bricks. Hits you like a ton of cement." Jim smacked his hands together, visually showing Callahan the impact from jumping from such a high height.

Callahan blinked in surprise, "Nah." He said in disbelief before Mary heard Florence's voice coming through the radio attached to her dads chest.

"Chief, you Copy?"

"Yeah Flo, talk to me." Jim said after taking it from his chest, holding it to his mouth.

"Hey Chief, we got a call from over at Benny's. I think you need to get there right away." Flo said and Mary furrowed her brows, looking up at her father in concern.

Benny was a friend of her father's and famous for his diner that sold the best burgers Mary had ever tasted. When she was younger, it were a routine that she and her dad would go to Benny's and eat as many burgers as they could pile in their stomachs.

Mary frowned up at her father, "You think Benny's alright?"


             So, Mary and Jim have finally called it quits on their arguing and I adore them so much. It's such a complicated father daughter relationship and I'm a sucker for it!

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