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Bill's POV

It's all happening again.


and now


not even a year ago Pennywise the dancing clown took and killed my only little brother and this time I'm not letting him get away with him getting Y/n.

(The next day)

"Where is Y/n!" Zion said frustrated for the hundredth time today because we wouldn't tell him where she is, cause we don't know where she was.

"We told you already we don't know." Eddie replied annoyed.

"If I find out where she is and that you guys knew, you dorks are getting it." He threatened and left Y/n's house.

We were at her house because we were waiting for Nick to get ready and finally go out and look for her.

"Do you guys think It has something to do with this?" Ben asked.

"I d-don't know." I reply honestly.

"I'm ready, sorry I took so long, did Zion leave?" Nick asked.

"Yeah." Mike answered.

"Let's go then." Nick got Scooby and Scrappy by their leashes and we all walked out.

"I'm surprised my uncle hasn't asked where    Y/n is at by now." Nick said.

"Wait where exactly are we going." Eddie asks.

"Scooby, I know you miss Y/n and that's why I'm gonna need you to help us here, where was Y/n when she went missing." Nick asked the dog, that's kinda weird.

Scooby barked and stared running towards the woods, that actually worked.

Scooby was running very fast we all had to run to catch up to him.

Nick picked up Scrappy and ran with him because him being a puppy he couldn't keep up with us.

"Where are we?" Stan asked when Scooby stopped.

It was all woods.

"It's obvious we're in the woods Stan." Richie said.

Eddie took a puff of his inhaler because his breathe started to speed up.

"Is this it, we're never gonna find her, there's no clues...no signs...nothing." Nick let out a frustrated sigh.

"Why is this starting to sound so much like Scooby Doo, we're teenagers trying to solve a mystery with a dog who's names actually Scooby and now we're looking for clues." Richie said actually making us all laugh, for the first time in never.

"Ok I have to give you that one, that one was good." Mike fist bumped Richie's knuckles.

"W-we should g-go check o-out t-the Neibolt house." I stutter.

"The what?" Nick asks.

"Neibolt house, if there is a chance It might be behind this, it's the only place to go and check out." Stan explains.

"Ok, let's go." Eddie says.

"Are you seriously going, last time you went you broke your arm." Richie said looking at Eddie.

"If it means we find Y/n, then we have to." Eddie replies walking back from where we came from to get out of the woods.

"Well look at Mr. lover boy go." Richie said as we all walked back behind Eddie.

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