Yandere! Toujou Nozomi x Delinquent! Female! Reader.

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This day, I'll try my best for bringing you this one-shot and the next one in the list, and as I said, the special chapter is postponed until next Sunday, but maybe, and only maybe, I'm talking about the shortest of the possibilities will be ready for today.

Warning: Blood, Insults and other things that can affect the sensibility of the reader.

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So, without further interruptions, LET THE SPIRITS OF LOVE GO CRAZY!!


Spiritual Power

Your POV

Just another day, a day in which I get to fight with unknown people and always win. It was a solitary life, this I had to admit, but it was funnier than being in school. Supposedly, I study at Otonokizaka, but I haven't been there since the school year started.

Fortunately, there is nobody that can force me to assist since my parents kicked me out for me to become independent. Fuck their independence; they didn't want me near them since I wasn't the daughter that they expected.

Also, I found a gang that accepted me, and in a short time I became the leader of the gang, but they liked to force girls to kiss them or even get to rape them, but that was before I became the leader. I forbid those kinds of abuse and hopefully they are respecting my decisions, because if they don't, let's just say that they will get a baseball bat in parts that don't deserve to be mentioned.

My actual situation, apart for being lonely as shit, I was walking through the streets of Akihabara, with a mask covering half of my face and a black leather jacket with a button-up white shirt inside of it, with some jeans and black sporty shoes. Thanks to all the cosplayers in here, they didn't think of me as a bad person for my clothes.

Passing through all the people I appreciated some members of my gang entering an alley. Think of me as an anxious person, but as the leader of a gang of ex-rapists, I could only say something, that wasn't a good signal.

I started to run, passing by a ninja cosplay that conventionally had a sword in its back and I just borrowed it without him noticing. After that I arrived to the entrance of the alley from which I could hear whimpering and silenced moans.

Running into it, I saw three of my gang members, all of them boys, pinning a dark purple-haired girl wearing Otonokizaka's uniform and closing her eyes as one of the boys was touching her breasts as the other two were unbuttoning her uniform, revealing her purple bra.

"I believed that I already told all of you, fucking perverts, that I didn't want to see you touching a woman" I attracted their attention and when they saw me, their looks showed fear and worry about their futures. "I know where you live..." I continued as I prepared the sword in my right hand and started to walk towards them. "I know your favorite places..." I got so close to the boy that was touching her breasts that I could feel his respiration in front of my face. "Maybe I can forgive you, if you run away from here and never come back, understood?" They reacted to my voice as I finished my sentence and run, even faster than when they run from any other authorities. "Are you okay?" I addressed the woman that they were harassing, she was on the floor, crying and covering her breasts as her shaky hands were trying to button up her uniform shirt.

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