Chapter 7 Getting drunk is not a good idea.

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I walked out the door and found Eli waiting for me. He was leaning against a tree. I smiled to him and he gave me his crocked. He grabbed me and kissed me. I seriously didn't know for how long we were kissing, but I missed it. 

"So, I heard you are throwing a party?" he laughed.

"I am not participating in this party that Drew just planned an hour ago."

Eli looked down at me, "well I was actually hopping for an invitation but I guess I am not invited."

"Are you crazy, of course you are invited, your my boyfriend, everything is better when you are around." I smiled as I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. 


I broke the kiss and saw that Drew was in front of us.

"Did I interrupt something?" said Drew

Eli was about to hit him but I placed my hand on his chest.

"Well, you actually did Drew," *took a deep breath* "what do you want?" I asked.

"I just wanted to tell you if you want a ride." 

"No, I'll take her." said Eli.

Drew nodded and looked at me. For the first time, his eyes, were so beautiful when they looked at me. "I'll see you at home then." he whispered. He looked at Eli and walked away.


Eli was driving me back home. He hasn't spoken since the whole interuption of Drew.

"Kate, I can't stand him living with you." said Eli while turning on the engines.

"Eli, I love you so much, don't let jelousy get to you."  

"I  can't Kate, I just can't, you don't know what goes through my mind. And I bet that you have some kind of feelings for him too."

"Eli what are you talking about?"

"Kate I know you had a secrete crush on him, I'm not stupid okay?"

"Hey! Don't talk to me like that! This isn't you!"

"I can act hoever I want okay? You are not my mother!"

"Well I am not your mother but I am your girlfriend! Why don't you trust me?"

"It''s not you that I don't trust, it's him I don't!"said Eli frustrated.

"Well if their is no trust in our relationship......then their is no point in having you in my life."

We were only a few blocks away from reaching my house.We were at a stop light.  I open the door and I was about to leave when Eli grabbed my hand.

"No, please Kate."

"Let go!"I yelled.  Their was already car's beeping on him. He let go. I slammed the door and crossed the street.


My eye's were swollen by the time I got to the house. I couldn't stop crying. When I got to the gate and the security guard open the door and came running towards me. I fell to the ground,  feeling hopeless.

"Miss, are you alright?" said the security guard as he pulled me up and helped me with my things.

"Please call Drew." I whispered.

The man called Drew.

"Yeah..........yes she is here.......please sir, she needs you........I don't know what is wrong with her.......... alright. "

He hung up.

Drew came running, worried.

"Thanks Max, I'll take it from here."

Drew looked at me. "Are you alright?" he asked.

I didn't meet his gaze.

"Are you still having a party? " I asked

"Well yeah but......."

"No! We are going to have a party okay."


So Friday came and I was actually quite excited about having this party. I was still depressed about the whole Eli and me thing but today I am going to have fun.Stop thinking about stupid Eli.

"So you are actually participating in this party that Drew made?" asked my friend Adriana

"I need to have some fun in my life." I answer

"Will their be Margarita's ? " asked Adriana

I laughed.

"Finally you start laughing,  I thought you have lost your humor." she teased.

"Well it camed back again." I said

"Hey Kate! You want to come and help me organize the stuff for thr party?" said Drew, jumping in to the conversation.

I looked at Adriana,"Well i'll go, see you guys at the party." said Adriana while winking at me. I rolled my eyes.

"So are you ready?" asked Drew

I looked at him and smiled "You bet I am."


People were filling the room. 

" How many people did you invite?" I whispered to Drew. He smirked. " Quite a lot."

Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and saw  Adriana in a red bold dress.  It was short but gorgeous.  She was with some guy I didn't know.

"Hey!" she finally said.

"Hey!" I said,  hugging her.

"Who is this Adriana?" I said whispering to her.

"It's a close friend, his name is Justin." she whisperd back.

I smiled to her and Justin.

"Well then go have some fun then !" I said.

"I'll be right back." I told him


I was saying hello to people when I say a familiar face. Eli was making out with someone. It shouldn't of hurt me but it did....  I looked away. What would Adriana would tell me, "get drunk,  have some fun!"


"go slap her face!"

I wouldn't want to make a scandal so I decided to just leave. I grabbed a bottle of Tequila and went to lay down in the tree where no one could see me.I took a sip. It taste gross. But I started to get carried away. I started to feel really dizzy.I heard someone's voice but I didn't know who it was. Right now I, I will enjoy this moment.

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