January 2013

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"How was your Christmas, babe?" Scott leaned across and kissed me on the mouth. "Did you have a good time?"

I didn't answer for a moment because I'd been briefly stunned by the ease of his actions. We'd been together for a couple of months, but the break apart meant I wasn't used to him acting more like my boyfriend than my friend.

"It wasn't bad actually. I'm sorry I didn't get to see you though, it sucks I was ill over New Year."

"I didn't come to the party here anyway. Without you, it seemed pointless." He kissed me again, almost as if he couldn't get enough. "Did you manage to get a lot of work done? I know you wanted to catch up."

"Yeah, I think so. Just about. I'm going to have to be better this term though, I can't fall behind again."

There was a definite warning in my tone, which really needed to be there. I enjoyed my time with Scott, it was everything I could've dreamed and more. I guess deep down, I assumed I'd spent so long daydreaming about this, the reality of us being together wouldn't be the same, but it was. It was better. We had chemistry, it was deep and passionate, easy too. Because we knew one another, it made it so much easier for us to just be. I loved every second of being Scott's girlfriend.

"Oh, for goodness sake," Natalie's voice boomed from behind Scott. "Am I gunna have to watch you two dry humping each other all term again?"

"No, no," I chuckled while pulling away. "I promise."

"I make no such promise."

"Scott, will you stop it?" I gave him a little shove with a smirk. "Just behave yourself."

He immediately dragged me back to him and I rested my head against his chest. I could hear his a thumping beneath his woolly jumper so I remained where I stood just listening. My heart beat for him, and I liked to think his heart beat only for me as well.

"You won't have to worry about us tonight, anyway. I'm taking Carlie out on a date."

"You are?" I tilted my head to meet his eyes. "Where?"

"Well, we didn't have a Christmas, so I thought we could do it tonight."

My chest swelled with love. When I went Christmas shopping before the big day I actually picked out a gift for Scott, but I wasn't sure when I'd give it to him, or even if I would, but now he had this planned for us, it was the perfect opportunity.

"Oh, fair enough. What should I wear? What will we be doing?"

"I'm taking you out to dinner, but somewhere really nice, so wear your best dress."

My heart sunk, I wasn't sure I had a nice dress. Not one for a dinner date. Not that I'd ever been on a dinner date before. It seemed the sort of things proper adults did, not us. We went to the cinema or ice skating. Often, we went out for drinks, but it seemed Scott wanted to break the student mould to do something nice.

"I'll see what I have."

Scott pulled a box out of a plastic bag he had on the ground next to him and handed it to me. "Here, see if this helps."

"What..." I glanced down at it with curiosity in my eyes. "What's this?"

"Just take it into your bedroom to see." I got yet another kiss. The more used to us I became, the more I liked the feeling of his mouth against mine. "I'll swing by to pick you up at half seven, okay?"

"Yeah, alright then..."

I stared at him as he left, wondering what was going on. He'd been the perfect boyfriend ever since we changed our relationship status, and he got better every single day. Honestly, the perfection scared me a little. It was a lot to live up to and I wasn't sure I made the cut.

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