Break Up Or Make Up Part 3.

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Y/n:"We can't just get up and leave Kendall"I said looking at her making her close her eyes and then open them again looking at me with those brown orbs.

Kendall:"Please?"She begged making me sigh"We both have a few days off and I want to prove to you that I changed. I'm not going to break you Y/n. Not this time"She said making me study her for a few minutes and sigh.

Y/n:"Fine. Where are we going?"I questioned making her smile making her smile big and jump on me hugging me.

Kendall:"Its a surprise"She said pulling away making me raise a eyebrow at her"I may have something planned for us"She said making me look at her amused a little.

Y/n:"You were so sure I would say yes?"I asked making me her hum and send me a small smile.

Kendall:"I just know that you can't say no to me...even if you're mad or upset at me"She said smirking making me chuckle and shake my head.

Y/n:"You've gotten cockier"I said making her giggle and kiss my cheek.

Kendall:"That's cause I spend to much time with you"She said and woke up making me laugh more"Now get up"She said making me sigh and wake up.

Y/n:"I'm what?"I questioned making her smile at me like a kid in a candy store.

Kendall:"Go pack a bag"She said making me look at her shocked.

Y/n:"A bag? I though we would go for a drive or-"

Kendall:"Y/n how many times have you done nice things for me? So let me do the same. Go pack a bag and get ready...I'll meet you at your house"She said pushing me out the door making me chuckle and turn to face her.

Y/n:"What clothes should I pack?"I asked.

Kendall:"Warm..."She said making me walk to the car and drive over to my place. I called the girls over to come and help me and right now I'm kind of regretting it.

Hailey:"No! Wear this!"She said throwing a black shirt at me making me sigh and put it on"Dont strip in front of us!"She said covering her eyes with the others making me shrug.

Y/n:"With the amount of times you walked in without knocking I'm surprised you still block your eyes"I said making them all look at me and glare.

Kylie:"Well that's for Kendall to see so you can't blame us"She said making me blush a little but cover it up.

Y/n:"I don't even know where we're going"I said packing a few things in my bag that the girls helped me with.

Gigi:"Well its cold"She said making me look at her and shake my head.

Y/n:"You don't say...I thought I'd be wearing warm things in hot weather"I said making her throw a pillow at me making me chuckle.

Bella:"What's up? You don't seem excited about it"She asked making me sit down next to them and sigh.

Y/n:"Its not that I'm not excited, Its just that...this is a big risk I'm taking here girls. After everything she put me through and all the shit that happened here I am, agreeing to go on a vacation or trip or whatever this is with her and I'm just wondering if I should"I said making them all look at each other and then sit closer to me.

Hailey:"Y/n/n, Kendall told us about the trip and everything before she asked you and asked us if it was a good idea and we said yes"She said making me look at her a little confused.

Y/n:"And why did you all think that it was a good idea?"I questioned curiously making them all give me a knowing look.

Kylie:"Because no matter what I know, we know that you're still in love with Kendall and as much as you don't want to admit it to us we know you do. Y/n you still look at her like she's the only girl in the world and you still have that sparkle in your eyes whenever you see her"She said making me chuckle and look at them.

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