Chapter 10

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Eliza felt awful when she woke. Her head was heavy and her body slow. She took deep breaths, trying to gather some energy. With great effort, she managed to open her eyes. Everything was blurred, and no matter how many times she blinked, her vision remained the same.

An unknown ceiling, she thought through her groggy mind, remembering one of the movies Bianca had made her watch. Despite how she felt, she chuckled. Eliza rubbed both eyes, but it made no difference. The thought of using her powers crossed her mind, but she gave up right away. There's no chance of me trying it right now.

Her vision came a little into focus and she looked around. Even blurred, she didn't recognize anything. Oh yeah... mom brought me to the hospital. Eliza had a vague memory of what had happened. After she fainted in the bathroom, her mind came in and out of consciousness. She remembered her mother screaming when she found the girl unconscious with all the painkillers spread around. She remembered the ambulance, the loud siren, and the crying and praying.

The girl shuddered with the next memory; her mother talking with a shrink about Eliza trying to kill herself. At least this served for something, she thought, rubbing her belly gently. When she regained her consciousness again, she was in the ER, about to have her stomach pumped.

Thank god I fainted before that. I thought I'd vomit the last time. She let out a heavy sigh. Never imagined I'd have to go through that again. At least they stopped with the suicidal talk when they saw I hadn't taken any painkiller. Too bad now I have to come up with some excuse for why there were painkillers on the floor around me. If just I hadn't dropped the bottle... Ah, fuck it. What's done is done, she said to herself, closing her eyes and drifting into sleep.

Eliza woke a few hours later. Ah, damn it. I need to pee, she thought, getting out of bed with all the strength she could gather. Everything was still blurred, so she walked to the bathroom slowly, dragging the stand for the saline solution. I wished I didn't need this... After they had taken the content of her stomach, Eliza had tried to eat, but her belly refused to accept solid food. I'm so hungry...

After Eliza washed her hands, she looked herself in the mirror. Even blurred, she could see how terrible her appearance was. I didn't think I'd feel this bad just for overusing my powers... And I was lucky, somehow... According to the doctor, the eye pressure on her eyes was too high. They even thought I had glaucoma or something. If I had used my powers a bit more, I think might've lost my eyesight.

Concentrating, she closed one eye and focused the other, but nothing happened. No change at all. The fact that she couldn't use her powers, or that her eyesight wasn't getting any better didn't worry the girl much. Hope it's just like exercising too much. The fatigue will go away with time and everything will be back to normal. Otherwise... I might go back to be a normal girl without any supernatural power. Maybe with glasses.

The idea of wearing glasses put a smile in Eliza. I bet Bianca would like it. Knowing her, she must have some fetish about girls with glasses. Now that I think about it, she'd look too cute. She entertained herself for a while, but soon stopped smiling.

The thought of losing her powers had lingered in her mind during the long hours alone in the dead of the night. Would be that bad? I mean, I'd lose the thing that almost ruined my life. But it's also thanks to it that I'm with Bianca. If not for my eyes, we might never have gotten together. And I'd never have found the evidence that helped the chief. Guess even if I never use it again, I still want my powers...

Eliza splashed water on her face. Since I don't have the power to see the future, I'm just wasting my time worrying about it now. All I can do is wait, she thought, dragging herself back to the bed.

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