Chapter Twenty Five

Charlie was forcing me to be civil and go to another family outing. I hated them. I didn't hate his family, but Catherine was going to be there too and I definitely was not excited for her. Why would she be there anyway? Last time I checked, she wasn't related at all! Why did she get to go and socialize with all of Charlie's cousins and aunts and uncles?

I planned to spend the whole reading books against Charlie while he slept, then we'd get some chocolate or shit. That's an ideal day.

And let me tell you one more fucking thing, this time it wasn't me who made the bathroom smell like ass. Fucking Charlie made it smell like the inside of an elephants ass. Pardon my French lads and ladies, but I feel justified to speak this way. When I walked in there, I wanted to die.

"You fucking asshole." I held my nose as I ran out of the bathroom, I followed the trail of the hottest laughter ever, but there wasn't time for focusing on my hot ass boyfriend.

I heard the door to the backyard open, still in pajamas, more like a pair of Charlie's boxers and a sweatshirt, I chased Charlie, who only wore his boxers out. His deep, round laughter boomed around me.

"I love you!" He said in between laughter, his soft black hair a mess from late night hide and seek, which by the way, I'm a beast at. Charles sucks ass. He's fat so he's easily seen.

"Not gonna work this time!"

"It never works!"

"Shut the fuck up."

"Love you Sadie."

I jumped on his back, "You're a big fat stinky poop." I promise I was eighteen I swear, "You made my bathroom smell!"

"You've done it too." Charlie shrugged as he flipped me in front of him, holding me in the air while my legs instantly wrapped around him.

He's dropped me once last week, on purpose I might add, so I could be worried for a real reason.


"Apologize, or I won't come today." My lips paused right in front of his, his breath caught in his throat, shit I was good. Maybe someone could view me as girlfriend material after all.

"Uh," Smart Charlie.

I brushed mine against his, I couldn't succumb to his, his, everything, I'd come too far. "Please Charlie," I pouted, our lips even closer, "For me." I whispered. Manipulation played a key part in getting what I want, but Charles was a bit too smart.

"I'm sorry." He blurted and kissed me hard running us inside all the way back to my bedroom, "We are going to be a little late to the family thing today." His voice was rough.

Well I know where this was headed.

Clothes came off and a while later, a long while, we laid naked, once again in my bed. I could get used to this. Don't worry kids, we were safe.

Charlie held my tight by his side, the way I want to spend the rest of my life, his head plopped on my shoulder, I had to move up so that could work. Stupid tall people.



"Would you be pissed if I asked you to marry me one day?" I felt his lips press slowly against my neck, not sensual but sweet and loving.

I thought I stopped breathing, this guy wanted to marry me? Me? Someday. I was the girl who rejected him twenty plus times, I acted like a bitch to him, I've flaunted myself in front of Charlie with CJ, I freakin' punched him in the face the first day I met him. But he wanted me just the same. He saw us together after school? 

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