Chapter 5

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Love Sick

A/N: I am so excited to be writing another chapter! I just finished all the really big tests for school and I can't wait to write more often. Hope you enjoy!!!

Lilly's POV:

I woke up and instantly started coughing that deep irritating cough everybody hates. "Why......why me...."I said overly dramatically as if I was dieing. Katie and the boys just left after a stern talking to from my mom. I got up out of my warm snuggly bed and began to shiver in the cold air conditioning. I put my robe on and went downstairs. The aroma of pancakes was in the air. "Mmmm, pancakes!" I said with a croggy voice. "Yeah I know they are your friends' favorite so I made them. They just left. You okay? You sound like your sick." she asked with the caring motherly insticts she had. "I think I came down with a cold. Can I have a pancake, please?" as the plate full of food sat infront of me I tried to eat it but it hurt to swallow. The phone in the office rang. "Sorry honey, I have to go. The spy agency calls. The cough medicine is in the cabinet."

"Thanks mom. I love you. Stay safe."

"I love you too. Bye."

I went back upstairs after I finished my breakfast. I took a long hot shower. I dressed in my sweatpants and baggy t-shirt. I took my cough medicine and crawled into my bed. My brother woke up and I heard him start to talk "Anybody home?" he asked confused. "In here." I tried to yell out from my room but my voice cracked. "Hey, where is mom?" he said walking into my room. "She is out at work." I said. "You sound sick. Do you want to go to church with me today or are you too sick to go?" he asked with a caring brotherly tone. We go to church every Sunday. "I think I'll stay home. I can barely walk down the stairs. There are pancakes downstairs for breakfast." "Okay. Thanks. Do you want me to stay with you? I don't want you to be alone." he acts like a big brother when he is really younger than me. "No. You can go. Its only an hour. Get ready though and call Kaitie to drive you there." she picks us up for church on Sundays when my mom gets called out. She just left but she doesn't live far so she is probably about to head out to church now.

"She said she will be here in a few and she hopes you feel better." Josh said bringing me some water. He was already dressed. "Okay thanks. How do you always know what I need when I need it?" I asked laughing. "It must be that sibling telepathy." he said laughing.

Kaitie's car honked, Josh went downstairs and when he opened the door I heard him talking to someone. A familiar voice......oh no. "Who are you?" Josh asked. "I'm Jake. Lilly's friend. Kaitie brought me here so I could take care of her while you guys are out."he said and I got a text from Kaitie.

Kaitie: I asked Jake to come take care of you. I don't want you left all alone while you're sick. Josh told me how bad you were feeling.

I replied

Me: Remind me to pick you as a partner in Self Defense class when I get back to school. You are in for a tough class.

"Well if Kaitie brought you then......I guess I can trust you. Just so you know, I am a freshman but I will kill you if anything happens while I am gone." I love my brother so much but I'm a little embarrassed right now. "Understood." Jake said. "Alright she's upstairs." Josh left and I heard the footsteps come up the stairs. All I wanted to do was hide. There was no place to go. He knocked on the door as he came in. "Hey princess. You feeling alright?" he said with those beautiful wide eyes looking at my face with sympathy. "Not really." I laughed. "Understandable. I met your brother. I like him. He is very protective of you." he smirked. "Tell me about it. He is like that because that is what my dad would be like and he isn't around anymore. We are really close." I stated starting to cough. "Woah princess. Don't strain your voice. How about I do the talking and you try to get some rest." I nodded in approval.

"Did you get my text yesterday?" I nodded and started to smirk a little as I thought about it. "I'm sorry I made you go to this party. If not you probably wouldn't be sick." he hung his head in regret. "I probably would have gotten sick anyway. Don't worry. I had a great time." he smiled as I said that. "Can I ask you a question? How did you get out of there and react so instinctively?" he thought about it a little while. He looked like he was deciding whether or not he should tell me something. "As you already know my parents dropped me and my sister off at the orphanage when we were young, I was around 6 and my sister was a little older. Well they didn't stop communicating with us then. They sent cards and money. This orphanage wasn't just any orphanage. It was a secret future spy protection agency." my mouth dropped as he spilled about his parents. "I know. It is a lot to take in but let me continue. The money they sent went towards tuition for spy school. That is how I affored to go to school here. Christina used it for colledge funds to train to be a spy. She now goes on regular missions. You may have noticed it was easy for me to do the work at this school when it would have been hard for a normal teenage boy. That's because at the agency they taught us a lot. Prepared is for this school." it looked like he was releived to finally tell someone about this.

"Why don't you tell people about all this stuff?" I asked confused. "I'll get to that. My parents obviously dropped us off at the spy protection agency for a reason. They wanted us to become spies so we can protect ourselves from people of their past if anyone found out. They are also very high level spies so they are very wanted. Christina and I are the only ones who know they are our parents besides the people at the agency. If anyone knows we are in extreme danger. The best way to get back at my parents is to kill us." he said with sadness written all over his face.

"So that is why you never told anyone.......Why do you trust me?" I asked. "I don't know why but there is something about you that makes me trust you. You have to swear to me that you will never say a word about this to anyone, not even your brother." I looked at him with sympathy now. "I swear." he sighed in relief. My voice sounded like a whisper now. "I'll get you some more water. Get some sleep. You look really tired." he said starting to walk out of the room. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up and instead of Jake standing by the doorway of my room I had my little brother Josh. "Hey Lilly, feeling any better?" he asked now in casual clothes. "Yeah a little bit." I said and I noticed I had my voice back! "That guy Jake left a note for you." he said unsure of how to think of Jake. "Where is it?" I looked on my nightstand for it. "Here. He gave it to me to give it to you." he said. "Thanks Josh."

"Don't worry. I didn't read it."

"I know you wanted to so thanks. Did mom call you to tell you when she was getting back?"I asked and he giggled. "She's already home. They told her she needed to just resubmit a form. She got home and she was mad she went all the way over there to submit a paper. It was so funny to see her reaction when she got home." I laughed. My mom can get funny when she is mad. She always makes jokes about situations. "Alright I'm gonna go finish my homework and help mom with dinner. You know she can't cook for her life." we both laughed as he walked out of the room. I opened the note and read it.

Dear Lilly,

I hope you get better soon. Maybe when you get better we could go out somewhere together like on a date. Text me.

- Jake

I need to get better like, now. I can't beleive I'm going on my first date!


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