II : Pink

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Author : Okay i already said it in the character chapters but some of you didn't read it. This story takes place to where Peter announced who he really is already, (based on civil war comic) he's now 21 y/o and is the CEO of Parker industry. This is longgg wayyy after homecoming.


Don't blame me' love make me crazy'
If it doesn't you ain't doing it right.


There i was in front of the Parker Tower. It was tall and all the window were crystal clear as if it it was built yesterday. I breathed in and out, telling myself to keep it nice and calm, i made sure i got all the paper they'll need then i walked in.

As i expected, everyone here dressed so luxury. Men wore suit, Women wore heels. Their hair were either tied up so neat or curled up. I looked at myself and thought i should have worn something better.

"Um... excuse me." I talked to the lady with lipstick even more red than Charlene's.

"Did you have an appointment?" She asked without even looking at me, i guess whatever she was doing in her computer must be so important.


She stopped typing and glanced at me. "You didn't?"

"I've heard that Parker industry is having a scholarship for a students. Here are my grades and my personal background--"

"He's here!!!"

Someone shouted behind me, and suddenly, every single one of them panicked, from the woman at the front desk i was talking to, other employees, and the janitor.

"Oh shit, I thought he'll be here at twelve." She panicked, started to clean things on her table, I thought it was already clean.

Everybody panicked and didn't listen to me, i asked if they want me to comeback later, or should i wait here, but no one bother to care.

Couple seconds later the elevator door opened, a woman walked out. She was wearing a heels, wearing a tight, black dress. Piles of files were in her arms.

"Get in shape!" She yelled strongly, everyone listen to her. Everything about her is perfect as a working woman.

Yet i'm still confused, what are they doing. Is this some kind of fire Fighting and Evacuation Fire Drill Training?

"10 seconds left!!" She yelled again, every body walked to their place and stand as if they were a statue.

It took them to realize i was the only person standing in the middle of the hall confusedly. The reception girl tried to tell me to come and stand with her. But it was too late.

I heard a footsteps, it was getting closer and closer, finally it stopped right behind my back.

Oh, on.

It's Mr.Parker isn't it?


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