Chapter 1

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"Inner Werewolf"

I'm sprry it's taken me a while to update, but I honestly forgot about it.   But please hang in with me, and I hope you enjoy the story.

Love :) Tay


Mikey POV

I'm so excited today, today is the day that my older sister, Nina is giving birth to her new triplets, who I get to name.   I'm thinking of Kylan, Eric, and Derrik if there all boys, and Meri, Kiara, and Taylor if there all girls, and mix them if there are two boys a girl, two girls and a boy.   

"Mikey come down were going to the hospital."  

I heard my dad, Mason but I call him Daddy, yell from the bottom of the stairs.   I howl down a quick 'ok' and grab my favorite shoes, my black and white checkered slip on VANS from under the bed and jump down the stairs while trying to put them on.   I can hear my parents, Mason, who is an Omega like myself and Keith, whom I call Papa, is an Alpha.   If you can't tell by now my parents are gay.   Mason is a thin man with dark brown hair and baby blue eyes and a small body but is built like a smimmer and is 5'6'' in height.   Keith on the other hand is a huge and bulky man, with a buzz cut and muscles that could suffocate you if he's not careful, he has honey brown eyes and it 6'7''.   They adopted all 7, yes 7, siblings of mine, not counting me.  

There is Nina, who is the oldest at 23 with red hair and emerald green eyes, also a Beta, and met her mate, Simon, who is also a Beta, when they were in Community College.   Then there's the twins, Alexandra and Alexander, who look exactly the same, you probaly could not tell the difference if it was not for there obvious gender difference.   They both have brown hair and dark hazel eyes., they are both the same height at 5'10''., and are both Alpha's.   Oh, and don't ask about there names, I don't know what there blood parents were thinking when they named them.   There both 21, and in community College, sadly neither of them have met there mates yet.   

"Mikey stop daydreaming and get in the car."   Keith/Papa, tells me with a small smile on his face.    Oh yes, car, hospital, neices and nephews.   

"Sorry Papa, I kinda daydreamed for a minute."   

"Really, I didn't notice."   Keith says as he grabs the keys.   I give him a blank gaze but can't hold itand my face breaks out into a smile.   I rush out the front door and into the back seat next to my, other brother, Luke.   Oh, that's right I have yet to tell you about the rest of my siblings.   So I wen't through Nina, the twins Alex and Alex, so the next would be Athena, who is clearly a girl by her name, she has beautful black hair and gorgeous ice blue eyes.   She is 18 and a senior at out highschool, pretty short but still taller then me at 5'6'', and a Omega like myself.   Next is Jason who is a Beta, curly blonde hair and sea foam green eyes, 17, and 6'3'' and a senior too.   Then Krystal, who has wavy dark blonde hair and mixed blue and green eyes, 17, 5'9'', and a Junior at out highschool.   Last but not least is Luke, who has red hair, brown eyes,16, 5'11'', and is also a Junior.   Then there's me, who is the youngest with blonde hair and blue eyes,15, 5'3'', and a Sophmore.    

I snap out of my gaze when I hear the doos slamming shut and jump out of the ca un next to Papa., when we get inside were hit with the smell chemicals and blood.   We were directed to a waiting room outside the delivery room where Simon was already waiting.

*5 hours later*

Who knew labor took this long?   Because I sure did not know.   

"Papa, I'm going for a walk around the hospital."   I rose from my plastic chair and arched my back, hering it crack multiple times.   Ah, that felt good.   Everyone gave me disgusting looks.   "What?"   I question, and they all just sigh.  

Daddy answers me, "Alright just be careful, and be back before the babies are born."  

"Alright."   I walk off and turn down a random hallway.   As I walk I start to smell even more chemicals, it's honestly disgusting.   I wonder what hallway this is.   I meander by a nurses office and see that it's the Cancer Ward.   Oh, that explains alot.   I continue down the hallway until I get to the end when i walk into someone, and I get a tingling sensation when he'she lands on top of me.   I blush slightly because there hand is on my chest, and I have a V-neck shirt on today.   Prbaly a bad idea but I had no idea some random person would be touching me today.   Not that I mind because it feels fantastic.   I hear the man groan, who I know is a man because of the size of his hand.   

"Are you alright, I am so sorry I was not looking where I was going." Oh, holy shit accent, sexy as fuck.   

"Aw, yeah, your fine bro, no harm done."   The boy gets up and of course, takes his hand off my chest and i whimper slightly from the lack of contact.   But offers his hand and I growl slightly from the over joy my wolf is feeling right now.  


Wolf say what   

I like this human, he if our mate, but something smells wrong.

"Hi, my names Michael Camreon Lynwood, but please call me Mikey."   I said witha goofy smile on my face.   He gives a small laught and his nose crinkles a little.   Cute, but why did I say my full name.   God, stupid, stupid Mikey, he must think your such a freak.

"Well hello Mikey, I am Abel Cruz Moreno, it's a pleasure to meet you.   Also I am so sorry for running into you again and about my hast, but i am very late for an apointment and must be going.   But I hope we meet again in the future."   Abel say's while hastly picking up his things and running down the hallway.   

Wow, he sure was hot.   Wait, Nadir, what did you mean when he smelled wrong, because I smelt it too.  

There was something wrong with him, but he is still perfect for us.   He is our mate.   

Wait, what!


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