chapter 5

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Third person P.O.V

Louis fell into a troubled sleep a few minutes after his father came barging through the door. Shouting at him for not going to sleep yet. Louis knew it was futile to go back to sleep now, considering it was nearing 6:00 am, his small body was exhausted.
When Louis got up the next morning, it was already 3:00 pm. Half of Louis' Sunday was already gone, not that he had any plans.
He got up slowly, registering the mild ache in his bones. With every step he took the pain increased ever so slightly. Times like these he really he had a first aid at home.
He walked towards the living room, spotting a piece of paper on the table. It had something scribbled on it, addressed to him.

He picked it up, scanning the paper.

Sorry if you got hurt after the little incident after coming back from that boy's home. I wasn't able to think clearly. I left you some pizza for whenever you wake up to make it up. I've gone outside with some old mates, don't stay up for me. (Also since you have school tomorrow, if your 'injuries' are still visible than I think your mother's foundation -or what ever it is- is still under the cabinet of my toilet. Use it to cover up. I don't want to receive another call from the  principal saying you got into another fight.)
your dad

Louis sighed before crumpling the note. Well, at least he apologised. Albeit it seemed something like his father's friends forced him to do. So Louis wouldn't call child support or something like that.

He would only need to cover up the bruises on his neck, the ones on his arms looked like a part of his tattoo collection unless someone looked at them from really close. But then again this was Louis, no one wanted to look at him for long.

He went back to his room, after collecting the nearly expired foundation. He stood in front of his mirror, striped of his shirt. Anyone with eyes could clearly see the pale purple and yellow-ish bruises littering his torso. Hi robs were seen, from skipping meals so often. Sometimes Louis felt too fat to eat, sometimes he forgot to eat. No matter how much Harry pushed him to eat, Louis could easily switch the subject.

He pulled on a black sweatshirt, long enough to come till his thighs.
Louis roamed around the house aimlessly, trying to call Harry and messaging him constantly. But Harry's phone was switched off. Louis hoped he was okay, before deciding sleep was the main event for the rest of the day.
The next time Louis got up again, his alarm clock blared. It was the most dreaded day of the week, Monday.
The sky was gloomy and it drizzled slightly. Just like Louis' mood. But he knew it would improve, when he saw his sun again.
He could hear his father snoring all the way from his room.
'No wonder mom don't want to sleep with him', Louis thought to himself.

His outfit for the day was similar to any other day in hell (better known as school). He wore a band t-shirt showcasing his tattoos and tight skinny jeans, highlighted the swell of his bum. Louis always seemed to lose fat from his stomach and thighs, never his bum. One thing Harry was grateful about (not that he supported Louis losing weight).
He popped in his earrings and lip ring. His ruffled hair was covered by a burgundy beanie. Louis looked good, well as good as someone getting ready at arse'o clock in the morning could look.
Swiftly, with his phone and bag, Louis was outside the door. The slightly drizzled and the cold weather calmed Louis down, making him feel slightly better.

Considering the speed Louis walked to school at, it was no wonder that by the time he reached school, half of the student body was already there.
Harry didn't respond to any of his texts, worrying Louis a tad bit. But he knew his frog was fine, he had to be.

He knew he would be whispered about if he roamed around the corridor, some rumour about him getting this girl was going around.
Hah, Louis laughed internally when he first heard it . He was as straight as a circle. Harry on the other hand was outraged, refusing to leave Louis alone even for a minute (at home obviously).

Thinking of Harry, Louis wondered where he was. Harry was usually the first one to greet him, even if it was only looking at him and smiling the tiniest bit. It was better than most.

What was not expected was when Nick Grimshaw pinned him against the lockers. His was scrunched up in anger. Hands firmly placed on the both sides of Louis' head.

"What the f*ck dude?! What the f*cking hell?!"

Nick spat anger in his face, Louis' knees trembling ever so slightly but his face remained emotionless.

"What happened Nicky? What's gotten you so bothered?"
Louis knew he was playing with fire, the anger intensified  on Nick's face should have been more than a warning.

"What's got me bothered?! What's got ME BOTHERED?!? You little piece of shit! I know what you did with Harry. That poor boy came home with bruises last night. Oh Gosh, they were so bad! You know how much pain he was in? What gives you the damn right to touch him! And don't you dare lie, I know damn well it was you! I saw him coming from your house back to the party! How could you?! I didn't know you'd stoop so low, you disgusting little rat! You broke his phone too! Making sure no one could find out what happened! But Guess what, as*hole, your plan failed. You should kill yourself, f*cking loser!"

It took Louis a while to process and another minute to connect the dots. Damn, he didn't think the fall was that bad.
Apparently, Louis had said the last part aloud.

"So you agree he fell down? Did you push him? Of course you pushed him! Disgusting little rat! Go kill yourself! F*cking turd!"

And before Louis knew what was happing Nick swung a punch at him and out self defence , Louis swing back.

A crowd gathered around the pair, a fight breaking out between the pair. Nick ran on pure anger while Louis partly ran on adrenaline rush and partly on fight or flight response.
A teacher finally appeared (after the damage was done), breaking the fight and sending Louis to the principal assuming he started it. While Nick was sent to the nurse, when clearly Louis was more gravely injured.
As Louis slowly limped to the office, older injuries adding to the pain. He heard Nick scream behind him.

"Touch my best friend again and you're dead."

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