Death Hunter 1: Memory Train

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hey guys. well. From the comments I got, I think I should continue :) So here's the rest of chapter 1. working on chapter 2 as we speak. If any of you are fans of my other story, the computer where I saved it isn't working quite well. I'm gonna wait 'til I get it back again and start working on it. For now, here's Death Hunter :)

(Don't worry, I'm working on a new title. I know this one sucks >.<)


Chapter 1

I sat up in a tree, watching the kids play in the park They were swinging on swings, sliding on slides, and just running for fun. Oh, how I wish I could feel how they felt now. Could feel happy, like nothing could ever hurt you. To feel the wind blow through your hair and the cool feel of the jungle gym. Could feel fresh air flow through my body, to feel my heart beat. You see, I can't feel any of this because I'm dead.

I'm a ghost, nobody can see me or hear me. Nobody knows I'm around. I'm completely cut off from the rest of the world, but can still travel through it freely. I've been dead for 2 years now. I walked behind a lady texting to see the time. 11:45 am. Should be here any minute. I thought to myself. I walked through the lady and watched as she shivered.

"Why Quinn. May I be of any assistance?" I heard a light and girly voice say behind me.

"The question is, how may I be of your assistance Stacey?" I said as I turned to face the young lady who stood before me. She looked about 25 with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She must've looked quite pretty when she was alive. Her blonde hair was a tangled mess around her face. Her blue eyes showed a mixture of hatred and betrayal. With no more blood running through her she was very pale, like you expected a ghost to be.

"Hmm. My, my. Grumpy today aren't we? Well, I got another....job for you to do for me." She said with her fake smile and sweetness. You can't blame the girl. Being killed by her paranoid boyfriend and being dragged and dumped in some hole by him and his friends would cause anyone to be a little moody.

"Name?" I asked in my just as fake honey sweet voice while taking out my pocket sized notebook from my bag.

"James Burlough. Borden Street. Second house to the right." Stacey replied, all fake sweetness gone from her voice.

"How many are left Stacey?" I said as I let out a chuckle while writing all this down in my notebook.

"Hmm. Just. One. More." She said with an evil grin on her face.

Stacey has been one of my most recent costumers, but she's had probably the most orders to be filled. It's been 4 so far, not including this one.

"Well, I think you'll know when I got this one down." I said to her as she slowly began fading away with her evil little grin.

I began walking towards the subway on the other side of town. Most of Stacey's orders live around Borden Street, so I knew where to go. If you're wondering, I'm a Death Hunter. In other words, I can control whether you die or not. I don't wait for death to come to you, I shove it down your throat. That's why Stacey came to me today. Unlike me, Stacey is just a ghost, a lost soul. While she was dying , she swore revenge on her boyfriend and his friends who helped bury her. Now, she can't rest in peace until her promise is fulfilled, and I'm the one who's gonna help her. She can't take lives, or even walk out of her park, that's why she came to me for help.


"Train to West Amberville leaving in 30 minutes." I heard a voice say over the intercom as I stepped down into the subway. I silently walked through people, watching them as they shivered at my touch. What a funny feeling it was, to walk through a person. You enter their life for a few seconds and leave just like that. They don't even notice you were there. I put my hand over the place where my heart used to be, but where now lie a hole I covered with my blood-stained jacket.