Avery Rose Adams is a seven teen year old living, with her best friend Emma Miles in a house on the outskirts in the City of London. She is the typical brown hair blue eyes fan girl who dreams about meeting her inspirational band that has saved her from the horrors of suicide. Her love for the band One Direction is extremely strong and she only wishes she can met them, let alone have them notice her. She doesn't have any clue what she will be doing this summer. She thinks she will do the typical partying, staying up late, and having lots of fun. She doesn't know that one of the first days of summer will change her life forever, when her new neighbors overhear her singing in her shower.


I woke up to my alarm singing Moments by One Direction. It was finally my last day of high school. I had one exam left then I am done. D. O. N. E. I got up, threw my hair into a messy bun since I showered last night. I walked into my closet and put on a short sleeve grey crop top that had the words don't go with the flow written in big black bold letters, dark wash ripped jean shorts, black gladiator sandals, and some matching black jewelry. I brushed my teeth and grabbed a travel cup of coffee. With my coffee in my left hand and my bag in my right I headed out my door to my silver wrangler jeep. While driving by I looked at my neighbor's house. They moved out a few months ago. The For Sale sign was taken down and replaced by a new Sold sign. I wondered who moved in but I didn't stop because I was already running late to school.

Emma had left a note saying that she went out to breakfast with her boyfriend before school so she won't see me until tonight , because of work. Daniel and her super cute together. They both are super sweet and patient with each other. That brought me back to the beginning of my relationship with Kyle, my ex. I shook my head and turned on the radio to get the thought of him out of my head.I pulled into my usually parking spot of Esher high school. I walked to my locker which was on the right side of the twins Lily and Chloe, and the left side of a nice jock named Ben.

Today ben was wearing his usual: a blue Hollister tee, khakis and high tops. His black fluffy hair was ruffled so that it was out of his face. Lily was wearing a yellow sundress with a dark wash jean jacket. Her perfect blonde hair was in perfect curls, and her teal wedges matched her teal belt which complemented her perfectly tan skin perfectly. Did I mention she was perfect? Chloe was wearing a strapless maroon and tan flower crop top, with an off white cardigan that matched her skirt that flowed just below her butt. She had her perfect blonde hair straightened and her make up complemented her perfect fair skin. Her tan flats made her legs look longer. Did I mention that she is also perfect? Any ways you get the point, I am surrounded by perfect people and I am totally opposite. I am broken, and used , and tired and so on. Basically depression is what I am. I shut my locker and started to head to the library where I would be taking the test.


The test was pretty simple. When I went to grab my things from my locker I noticed that a note fell out, again. It said: Everyone agrees that you go die you worthless ugly piece of crap, you are just taking space up on earth nobody likes you. Go back to Hell. Gosh that's a little harsh. Time to use my acting skills. I re-applied my water proof mascara and fake smile, and a fake chuckle. I grabbed my iPhone and put a One direction playlist on. The tears didn't start coming until Diana came on and I was already at my car. By the time I got to my street my tears had stopped and Happily came on. I think this song is perfection, it made me smile knowing that Harry wrote it. I sang not giving a care about who hears. I used to think that I had a good voice, but then people told me I didn't and I have never sang on stage again. I pulled into my driveway just as my neighbors pulled out of theirs. I could have sworn I felt eyes on me, but I didn't see the faces.

Niall's POV

We are going to the market. Which means FOOD, our new house is super cool. All five of us are living in it together. As we were going out the driveway I heard a beautiful voice that was singing one of our songs. As we were passing our neighbor's car that was pulling in. The boys must have heard it also, because all five of our eyes landed on the brunette girl in the front seat singing Happily. About five minutes later we arrived at the market. Time to food shop!

Avery's POV

I bake some cookies and brownies to put in a welcome basket for the new neighbors. I can't show any sign of weakness or depression. Other wise I might scare them away. When I finished writing a note that included my name and number, I tied a bow on it and left it on their front porch. I looked at the clock 3:45, Emma would be coming home from work soon and I should take my shower and relive my stress if you know what I mean. Boy is it hot. I opened all of my windows in my gigantic room including my bathroom window. It was a teal and white color scheme and it connected to a bathroom, and walk in closet. In my room I had a large loft for where I sleep, underneath was a desk area for home work, a couch with a flat screen, a nook with loads of books in shelves, and a sitting area. I know it's huge. My parents are super rich and provided this house for us. Emma's room is the same except coral.

I grab a clean pair of denim shorts and a black tank that says Normal Is Boring in bold white colors, and clean undergarments. What? I love graphic tanks and it is burning outside. I got inside my bathroom, stripped down and look at myself. brown long thick hair, blue-ish green eyes, and a skinny body. I am eating very little, not starving myself, but convincing myself that I only need to eat a little. I turn my music up and hop into the hot shower. I keep the temperature super hot so it burns my skin. It's like my way of self harming instead of cutting. I continue to sing along with my One Direction playlist, letting the heat burn my skin as I do my shower ritual.

Harry's POV

After an hour and half of grocery shopping we are finally pulling into our garage. I blame Niall, but you know him and his food. As soon as everyone steps out of the car we smell cookies and brownies. Niall and I try to go find it. Niall because it means food, and me because I can track those scents from a mile away. Our super sniffers stop at our front porch noticing a basket full of treats, and a note saying who it was and their number. The boys catch up to us and Liam tells us that the food is from a girl named Avery. We eat the treats while putting away all of the items we bought. We started to open the windows, because it is way too hot. As soon as we sat down on the couch the same angelic voice filled the house. We all stopped scrolling on twitter and looked up shocked, "Do you guys think that this girl is Avery?" I questioned.

Niall answered, "I honestly don't know, but I want to find out. Let's call that number she left."

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