Chapter 9

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Assalamwalaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. How are you all??

Finally I'm back after almost four months!!

I'm really sorry for keeping you all waiting but I can't help it, my board exams were going on and I was so busy with my studies that I just couldn't write.

Please pray for my good results 🙏🙏🙏 I really need ur Duas.

Thank you so much
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Published on: 15 March, 2018


Zoya's Pov

I entered the dinning room and said salam to everyone. Dad, mom and Imran bhai were already seated on the table.

"Walaikumsalam". They all said in union while I sat down beside Imran bhai.

"Congrats Zoya, mom told us that you got the job". Imran bhai congratulated me and I smiled widely.

"Yes bhai, thank you. I'm so happy today alhumdulilah". I said and started filling my plate with food.

"I'm so proud of you my child. May Allah SWT bless all my children with more success Aameen". Dad said and I murmured Aameen under my breath.

"Dad, she has to pass the interview anyways". He looked at me and smiled. "Afterall she is my sister". He said proudly and patted his back.

Mom and dad started laughing. "Oh please bhai. They don't even know you. I was selected because of my hard work and-".

"Mom, I think something is burning". Imran bhai said causally while putting a spoon full of rice in his mouth.

"Bhai!!!". I started hitting him on his arm while he started laughing and dodging my hands.

"Stop it you both. At least eat your food without fighting". Mom said and I stopped hitting him. Believe me, angry mom is very dangerous.

I glazed at him angrily while he smirked at me. "Zoya you know, Imran brought chocolates for you". Dad said and my anger was gone in seconds.


I stood up and walked towards the refrigerator. I opened it and saw five big chocolates, I took them all and went back.

"Thank you bhai, I love you so much". I threw my hands around his neck and hugged him. I pulled apart and pulled his cheeks.

"Ahh, Zoyi leave me". He said and I laughed. Imran bhai don't like when someone pulls his cheeks.

"See mom, this girl is such a drama queen. Just few seconds ago, she was fighting with me and now she became all lovey dovey just because of these chocolates". Imran bhai said while I started eating the chocolates, totally ignoring his comment.

Soon we all finished our dinner with lots of chit chat. "Imran bhai, you only give me chocolates for passing the interview-"
Suddenly my phone started ringing, I smiled looking at the screen.

"Who is calling you at this time?". Imran bhai asked in serious tone. I looked at him and tried to hide my smile.

"Imran bhai..... Ummm.... No one is calling. It's just-"

"Give me your phone Zoya. Let me see who is calling you". He said in a hard tone, ready to kill anyone right now.

"No bhai please let it be..... It's no one". I said making a worried face. I'm such a good acter.

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