First meet?!?!?!?😍

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Everyone in the croud including him was supperised to see a women in sword fighting competition. Women were not allowed in this competition.
She soon grabbed her veil, covering her face, she ran out of the ground.She sat on her horse. One hand on the rope which controled the horse an the other hand covering her face. She was excellent in it.
Pratap got out of his shock,and followed the women on his horse.

He followed her for quite long. First he crossed a small jungle and then a small river.

He was actually impressed by her riding skills.The way she controled the horse, The way she concentrated on the route ,was just perfect.

And then she stopped her horse near a old temple. The temple was quite old. There was no one there, not even a single being.
She climbed down the horse and removed her veil.

Pratap's POV
I followed he till the temple. And soon she removed her veil. I was actually mismerised at her beauty.The perfect fair tone, Sharp nose, chubby cheeks, baby pink lips and her long waist length black hair. She was beautiful!. But I was amazed by her next act.
She took her horse to the nearby tree in the shade and started talking to him.
I was not supperised that she was actually talking to the horse cause every warrior has a special bond with its horse which I respect, and even I like to talk to by horse, but he words shocked me.

Ajabde's POV
I took my horse to the near by tree and sat with him.I started the conversation, actually it had now become a everyday routine.

A :I don't know what happened to me today, I actually lost a sword fight. Never in my life I had lost . It is not that I consider myself a very strong and great  fighter but the fact that I had lost was actually killing me.
But  I found the fighter quite unusual. He was not an ordinary fighter. I could make it out by his moves. The accuracy an timing of his attacks were far better and stronger than mine.
But I did not notice him in this area earlier. Whomever it may be I will surely defeate him tomorrow if he comes  there again.
Omggggg!! I am late!! If Maa gets to know about me then I'll be dead. I need to rush !! Sometimes I regret being from Rajput, Samant  family. Ajabde, get ready be caught!!
I will have to go from the back gate  today.

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