The Beginning

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Logan, Alex, Brandon and Jake were walking down the streets of New York. Bidding they're time together, laughing at how dorkish they were being, nobody hearing what the paparazzi would print about them.

Out of nowhere, a voice screamed 'ALEX!' high pitched and shrill, making them want to block their ears for fear of another outburst.  A little girl, pale and cancerous galloped up to them, her little brother in tow.

Logan, Brandon and Jake were at all loss for words. Alex, on the other hand, pushed through the couple blocking her path and picked the girl up, kissed her cheek and said something that made her giggle. The boys caught up with her and watched in awe.

'Aww Coop,' Alex said, 'How could use forget you?' she picked him up and he attached himself to her hip, winding his hands through her hair. 'I see you almost every week.' Alex laughed at his pouting face.

The parents of the children found them and Alex's face fell, 'Can I keep them?' she begged and the way the father laughed, indicated that she asked that question a lot.  Alex found her manners. 'Oh, um, guys,' she indicated to her cast mates, 'Some old friends of mine, Jane and Simon. The parentals of Lexi and Cooper here.' she introduced.

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