The Shining Star

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Lona feels like her tongue tied. She only gulped and try to look at Phillip's eyes. When she was trying to think what to say, Mischellina step on Lona foot intentionally as a code for Lona to not saying the truth. Michellina knew that Lona was an innocent girl who hard to lie.

"Awwww...." Lona groaned when Mischellina step on her foot. Phillip immediately grinned at Mischellina. Even though Mischellia knew that she was already catched in cheating by her brother, she still tried to stay cool.

"Try to be smoother later hahaha," said Phillip to Mischellina. He saw that Lona look like still in pain and started to try take her shoes off.

"Are you alright, Miss?" asked Phillip to Lona
"I am alright, I am alright" said Lona as she was in a little bit difficulty to take off her new shoes. Phillip directly bended down toward Lona and try to help her.

"Allow me?" Phillip asked for permittion to take of her shoes. Lona did not say anything but widen her pupil only and slowly nooded. Philip started to hold her right foot and then take off Lona shoes.

"There was a scratch on your foot thumb" Phillip gave notice. "Excuse me, just a minute," Phillip immediately left Lona and Mischelina to go to the minimarket which located next to the minicafe

"Oh my...I am sorry Lona" Mischellina apologized. She felt so guilty when look at Lona's wound.

"No no was not all by your fault. You know that my shoes are new and it made me chafed. You just accidentally step on right at my chafed thumb" said Lona.

"It must be hurt" Mischellina frowned and bited her lips
"No no no.... maybe I am the one who overeact to this. Or maybe i am too weak" said Lona to calm down her friend
"Noooo....I would be more guilty hearing that. Where is Phillip? It is more than 1 minute"
"Calm down, Milady. It must need more than 1 minute"Lona continued, "I feel sorry to you because I am causing difficulties to your brother"

"Do not mind about that. My brother is used to help everyone,"

"Wait...finally you admit something about your brother," Lona chuckled

"Oh.... i do not say anything. stop it or i will step on your wound again," Mischelinna embarassed and it made lona laughed.

Not so long after that, Phillip came and brought first aid kit. He bended down toward her again. "I am sorry," he said to ask Lona's permittion. He then help Lona to clean off and treat her wound.

" Thank you," said Lona. She wanted to continue to say That is very kind of you, but her lips were sealed, she did not know why. It is not a flirty sentence, but why am i feeling like i am flirty if i say that sentence to him? Lona said to herself in mind. She felt like she throwed her pride if she said that sentence.

Phillip is a really gentleman and kindhearted man to anyone. This type of man, can easily made Lona fall in to him. She had observed how polite he is even to the waitress and how he actually cares about his sister. Lona was tired of man who treat her kind just because they have crush on her. She needed a truly kindheated prince charming figure.

"You are welcome. Please take this," Phillip offered her pair of sandal that he bought from minimarket. "It will lesser the pain than using your shoes"

" I am so sorry for making difficulties for you. I owe you to much" Lona felt guilty to receive all help by Phillip

"Instead of feeling sorry, it will be better to feel grateful," said Phillip wisely. Lona, somehow, felt better to hear that statement. It remembered her about how important to have a grateful heart.

"Oh..yes. You are right. Thank you" said Lona

"You are welcome, Miss,"


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