Last Sacrifice Chapter Ten

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Chapter 10-

He was so normal! (bet you didn't expect that!!!) He didn't look drunk or anything. He looked so sober so not upset that I cheated on him. I looked at him in a state of complete shock. He looked at me with a similar mirrored expression.

"Rose what are you doing here?" His voice was harsh and his face took on the same emotion.

"I wanted to talk to you." I said it shyly and very guarded.

"Fine come in." He motioned me inside and his room was amazing too. I didn't really expect his so normal. I sit down in a chair and he sit across from me.

"Okay first Adrian I would be lying if I said I didn't want to kill myself after that dream. If I said I wasn't effected at all I would be lying right in your face and I know that you can't completely trust me right now and I get that. I mean I cheated on you, I'm the worst person ever. But I know that if I told you I didn't still love you I would also be lying. I chose you over Dimitri and then Dimitri tells me he has feelings for me and all I can do is be blind. I fell back in love with him when I swore I wouldn't. I caved I'm terrible. And I know I don't deserve your friendship but I want it. I want to be your friend. I want to know I can have what we had before we got together and I was a lying no good cheater. I want the jokes and the banter. I want it all back. I do love you I do and I'll always have feelings for you but I guess I mean I love Dimitri too and I guess I picked him. So are we good?" It was all really a mouth full and looked up at the clock. It took me 5 minutes to do that speech. I had to make sure I was back at Dimitri's room by the time he came back. Plus I left his laptop out and I didn't want him to know I got that far back in his closet.

"Rose I know you love me. I can see it I just don't think you will ever know what you want. And this.." He grabbed my wrist and rubbed the bruises at tear ran down my cheek. "I'm so so so sorry for this. I didn't know what came over me I was mad and I drank. I really wanted to just talk but then I came back to my room and waited for you to go to sleep. While waiting I thought more and more about it and got depressed. So what did I do when I was depressed I drank. I wasn't going to because I knew you didn't like it. But I stopped drinking and smoking for you and you what repay me by cheating. So I came and then I did this and when I came back and sobered up all I wanted to do was say sorry I just didn't know how. I was going to drink and smoke some more but thought about you. How much I love you and how you wanted better out of me. Rose I'm normal because of you."

"I didn't.."

"Don't act like you thought this was strange I seen your aura. Around the black I saw confusion and shock. Plus the look on your face..."

"Wait what black?" What did he mean black why would my aura be black? Unless....

"It was black all around I was surprised I got anything at all. I mean the little color I got I was thanking god."

"You mean black like when I was catching Lissa's crazy?"

"Yup but your wearing the charms now." He said it like it was no big deal. I held up my hand and showed him where I didn't have the charm on.

"Rose! What you took it off?!"

"No I didn't take it off I just... it ran out and I didn't think about her making me another." Crap! Crap! Crap! How could I have been so stupid.

"Rose!! Some of the stupid things you do!!!"

"I know I know just calm down and lets think about this."

"Rose you need to go see Lissa!"

Then it hit me.

"I can't I yelled at her calling her as low as the other royals and then I didn't know why because I wasn't really all that mad. I mean sure I was a little but I lashed out like yelling. It was the black crazy crap!"

"Ahh Rose you need to think!"

"I know okay but first I need you to come with me."


"We have to go see Lissa." And hope to god her and Christen don't kick your face in.

Author Note/

Okay I know a little short it was just a filler.

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