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mrsamclaflin, gemmastyles, KateLong and 2,922,232 others liked.

annetwist: June is home and healthy, I'm taking her in for her recovery and even longer if she wants! Thanks @mrsamclaflin for being with her. She is an angel! She wants you to know that she will update you guys after she recovered. She gives you all her love.


@gemmastyles: I love this woman so much, I just start crying again because we almost lost her.

@mrsamclaflin: I will stay by her side as long as she needs me.

@KateJuneHarryInsta: God Sam and June would be the perfect couple 😍

@harrystyles: Why didn't you tell me she was home?! I'm coming over.

@mrsamclaflin: @harrystyles go to hell dude you're not welcome here. If you even care about June a bit, stay home she needs to sleep.

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