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"Excluding the two boys and yourself, Nadine, was there anybody else with you at the time of the attack?"


Unlike the previous questions which had been answered with a tired tone from a half-asleep Nadine Chance, the two-worded response was voiced with steadfast firmness. Sheriff Keller looked up from his notepad with raised eyebrows, stopping mid-word as he set down his pen.


Looking up from her bruised knuckles, Nadine furrowed her brows at Keller, as if she assumed he hadn't heard her. She rubbed at her eyes with the heels of her hands, a sign that she was beginning to get restless. That was obvious, and he was no better because they'd been going back and forth for a while.

"No."Nadine swiftly repeated with a shake of her head, tone firm and unwavering once more."Just me."

"Really?"Sheriff sent Nadine a disbelieving look without an attempt to hide it.

The brunette shrugged at his incredulous expression, wavy dark locks framing her face, almost falling in front of her eyes. Her bruised knuckles peeked out from her sleeve which she constantly tried to pull down and cover her hands while she hugged herself despite the room being warm.

It was evident that she missed her leather jacket, her Serpent jacket, which the members wore like a second skin. The emblem on the jacket brought history, influence, and confidence.

But, in spite of that, Nadine remained strong with patience and dignity, responded to questions when asked and when she wasn't Nadine was asking when she could make her one phone call.

"Are you sure, Nadine?"

Slowly nodding, Nadine raised her voice a little so that he could hear her clearly.

"Yeah, really. I'm sure."

"That's funny because they still claim that they were attacked not only by you but by a male."The Sheriff looked away from Nadine as he flicked back a few pages of his notepad, reading out the description given to him."Slender build, tall, jet black hair, brown eyes with a familiar tattoo on the left side of his neck..."

He trailed off and raised his head his head to look over at Nadine, ready to study her reaction. But there was none. Nadine simply looked back at the Sheriff, arms still crossed over her chest, and shifting every ten seconds or so while muttering how uncomfortable the chair was.

And, as she shifted, Keller took another glance at the tattoo on her neck. The tattoo, he thought, the boys had described in great detail.

"A double-headed snake tattoo in the shape of 'S'."Sheriff sighed to himself, straightening in his seat with a frown as he, almost reluctantly and sharply, added."The same tattoo you yourself have. The tattoo that is known to be tied to the Southside Serpents."

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