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After two more weeks of training, it was the first day of UA. He woke up early and made breakfast. He ate, then he washed his plate then took a shower. He changed into his UA uniform and prepared his school bag. As he stepped out of his room to find and out on his shoes, he saw his mom sitting there eating the food he prepared.

"That uniform looks good on you!" She complimented.

"Thanks mom." He said. Then he kissed his mom goodbye and went to UA. He entered the giant gates of the giant school and went inside to look for his assigned classroom. As he was walking through the halls, he saw the other students looking at him while whispering something.

"Look, it's that guy that destroyed the zero pointer." He heard someone whisper.

He proceeded walking until he had reached the giant door of Classroom 1-A. He opened the door to see Katsuki arguing with the tall boy from the exams. He tried walking to his seat without getting attention, which was impossible since everyone in the room recognized him as the one who destroyed the zero pointer. He managed to ignore them and picked a window seat. He then heard the door open to reveal Ochako Uraraka, who walked to him and sat next to him.

"Hello Izuku!" She said in a cheerful tone,

"Hello Uraraka-san. How have you been?"

"I'm good. How about you?"

"Just fine."

Then the door opened again to reveal a man with long hair who was wearing long gray scarf made of bandages. Izuku immediately recognized him as the pro-hero Eraserhead. 'So he's the one teaching...' Izuku thought to himself.

"Everyone settle down. My name is Shota Aizawa, I will be your class adviser. Now, all of you change into your PE uniforms and meet me outside." He said as he slowly walked out of class.


The class went outside to see Aizawa standing there with some type of phone and a clipboard.

"Umm... Sir, won't we miss the orientation?" Uraraka asked.

"We're heroes, we don't have time for that. Now let's proceed. We will be having a quirk diagnostic test. Once this is over, the results will be tied up. The person with the lowest overall ranking gets expelled."


"Life's not fair, deal with it. Izuku, what was your farthest throw in middle school?"

"67.8 meters."

"Throw it using your quirk. Make sure you stay in the circle."

He went inside the circle and made sure to roll his shoulders. Then he got into stance and threw the ball with all his might. In under two seconds it was lost to the sky. Nowhere to be seen. It went so fast that it caused a giant gust of wind to blow the students back.

'Why couldn't I erase his quirk?' He thought as he tried reviewing Izuku's records. He eyes widened as he saw that he was quirkless. Then he looked at the phone, making his eyes widen even more. 'You mean he's quirkless yet he can do this!?'

The class then asked what his score was.

"Look for yourself" Aizawa said as he showed the phone to them.

"4.987 KILOMETERS!!??" The class yelled in unison. Then everyone else got their turn at the softball throw, but no one got anywhere near Izuku's throw. Then they moved to the sidestepping. Mineta seemed to be doing the best as he used his quirk to bounce from side to side. But when it was Izuku's turn, he immediately reached Mineta's speed while breaking the floor he was standing on. The class was shocked at his speed and the force he put on his legs to crack the ground. Then it came to the grip test. There was a machine where it has a handle where you're supposed to grip it's hard as you can. When Izuku's turn came, he immediately broke the machine.

"HOLY SHIT!!" Some of the class said.

Then it came to the speed test. They were divided into pairs and raced against each other. Tenya was paired with Izuku. But when they signaled for them to start running. Izuku was a full two seconds ahead of Iida. Then came the test for vertical jumping. When it was Izuku's turn, he jumped so high that the force out on his legs broke the floor he jumped from. And it took a full 30 seconds for him to fall to the floor. Then they pulled out a punching machine. When Izuku's turn came, he immediately broke the thing with a single punch. Soon the class ranking were tallied up and were out on a board for the entire class to see.

Izuku was ranked the first while the last person was named Tooru Hagakure.

"By the way, I was joking about the expulsion. It was nothing more than a ruse to push you guys to do higher." The class was pissed, apart from Izuku who was doing push-ups, currently on his 67th rep.

The class saw him doing his push-ups and were wondering what he was doing.

"98...99...100. I'll just do the sit-ups later." Izuku said as he was getting up. Then he walked back to the changing room, leaving a bunch of his classmates a bit dumbfounded.

"Did he just do 100 push-ups?" One of them asked.

"Yep" another one said.


The school day was finally over. Izuku packed his stuff and started walking to the gates. As he was about to step out of the school, he heard footsteps followed by a girl's voice calling out to him.

"Wait up!" She shouted as she ran to him.

He turned around to see Uraraka panting behind him. "Oh, hey Uraraka. Did you need to tell me something?"

"You're *pant* going to the station right?" She asked

"Uh.....yeah. Why? Are you going there too?"

"*pant* yeah. Let's walk there together."


Then they walked to the station. Then they arrived. They both waited for their train to come. Soon it arrived and they both stepped inside. They both sat next to each other until the train stopped.

"This is my stop." Izuku said as he stood up. He then looked to Uraraka and waved. "See ya"

"See ya" she replied as he walked off the train. Soon the doors closed and the train whizzed away.

'I hope mom made Katsudon for dinner' Izuku said as he walked home. He arrived home after a few minutes and went inside his apartment. He went to the kitchen and saw a bowl of Katsudon and rice on the table. He then saw a note beside the bowl.

Won't be back until tomorrow morning. Stay safe!


He ate his dinner and did his finished his exercise routine along with his weights. Then he went to sleep.

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