But I want hugs 🤗

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"Please....return in your box.....my back hurts..." Jeremy said to Marinette who had given him a hug.

"What if I don't want too" Marionette sulked at him and decided to throw the nearest object at him, which happened to be Springtrap.

*If you were there you would have seen Jeremy running away and chasing him was Marinette who was yelling*

"GET BACK HERE JERMS!!!" Marinette was using Springtrap like a bat and would whack the fudge out of him but they kept running and pounding until he had to leave. 

"Next time, don't use me as a weapon unless I say so" Springtrap blankly says to her.

"Okay..." Marinette says and Springtrap leaves, she wanted to tell Springtrap something but he had already stepped in it. He had stepped in Chica's cupcake and then Chica jump scared him and the two fought each other.

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