KPOP Fans Can Relate.

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True things all about KPOP + You, you ready?

1) That feeling you get whenever you overheard people you don't know talking about KPOP.

2) That moment when someone asks you "Who's the guy on your phone wallpaper?" and you just answer them.. "My boyfriend."

3) When your favourite group has a concert in Seoul and all you can think about is "When are the fancams and pictures going to be uploaded?"

4) SHERLOCK: Others: Ooh that's a good film. You: SHINee!!!

5) Thinking how some fanfic writers are way better than fiction authors who actually publish books.

6) Wishing the power to change Korean laws so our Oppas won't have to go to war..

7) Watching fancams of your bias and giggling.

8) "Since I became a KPOP fan my life goal has changed to... 'Visit South Korea' " - You

9) That moment when your trying to eat noodles like a KOREAN.

10) That moment when someone asks you some english songs. You're just there staring not knowing how to respond.

11) Accidentally using "wae" instead of "why" when talking to other people.

12) When you think of something cute/funny he did and you freak out.

13) That moment when you don't just consider yourself as his fan.

14) Typing 'Big Bang' into google and getting pictures of 'The Big Bang Theory'

15) When you seriously don't see yourself ending up with anyone but a Korean.

16) "I like the Blonde one in B.A.P"

17) When you've saved so many pictures of your bias that when you see a new one you can't remember if you've saved it already or not, so you save it again anyway.

18) Thanks to KPOP you became an author

19) Fangirl problem: Can't remember what you did before getting addicted to KPOP.

20) Identifying which era a picture was from by their hair.

21) When your fully convinced they're gay for each other.

22) Rolling your hips with your hands behind your head singing "Oppa! Oppa!"

23) When someone says WOW and you're like "FANTASTIC BABY. DANCE!"

24) Puppy, Otter, Gorilla, Horse and Turtle ~ SS501

25) YOLO. Normal people: You Only Live Once. KPOP fans: You Only Love Oppa!

26) You're basically the nicest person on earth.. until someone insults KPOP.

27) On hearing the word "Shiny" normal people think of stars and glitter while you think of Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin.

28) The moment when you start spelling "shiny" as "shinee".

29) Looking at their debut pictures and getting teary eyed thinking about how much they've grown up.

30) ELF isn't just a magical creature.

31) Getting that urge to bow when you greet someone.

32) Writing you bias' name all over you books:)

33) Yelling "Yah!"

34) Calling your mum "Umma".

35) That feeling you get when you hear words that sound like things related to KPOP. Examples: Daffodil in french: Jonquille = JongKey. "It's okay" = Exo-K..

36) Getting frustrated when a Korean guy dresses as a girl.. and they're prettier than you!

37) Your friends become "Chingu".

38) Blasting KPOP in the most random places.

39) Playing KPOP when you see Asians nearby.

40) Constantly cursing in Korean. E.g Aish, Jinjja...

41) The word 'Breathe': Normal people: Taking in a gulp of air. KPOP Fans: G-Dragon/Miss A

42) Singing "Sorry Sorry" when you apologise to someone.

43) Getting that urge to correct someone when they attempt to sing the words but fail miserably.

44) Getting annoyed at those "kpoppers" who only know Gangnam Style -.-''

45) Counting to three; Hanner, Dul, Set!

46) Pronouncing 'S' as 'SH' and 'V' as 'B' [e.g. Lobe]

47) Trying to learn Korean since you became a kpopper!

48) In KPOP:

HERO is not just a superman

TOP is not just a toy

KEY is not just an object

JR doesn't just stand for 'junior' 

Rain is not just water

Sunny is not just a weather

Thunder is not just a sound

Bacon isn't just food

Fiction isn't just a book genre

Genie isn't just from Aladdin

Seven isn't just a number

and KPOP isn't just music. It's a way of life. 

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