African Love-Chapter 12

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Here is Chapter 12. And you guys are awesome for getting me to 1k reads, and I don't really have a schedule so I only post when I'm available. OK back to the story.

Chapter 12

As you know Jeffry has told us that we will be going camping for the weekend. I asked Valarie if Rachel could come with us and she said yes. We didn't go to school today because we had to be on the road by 6 and it was already 5:30. I texted Rachel telling her that we will be picking her up at around 5:45 so we could leave on time.

"Hey, we'll be at your place around 5:45 to pick you up so be ready"

"OK, um I have some big news to tell you when I see you"

"OK, I'm nervous"

"Oh don't be"

"OK, your scaring me"

"No, just wait til I tell you"

"OK, bye"


What does she want to tell me. I put my phone down and started to put my things downstairs. I had packed my bag earlier that morning because I couldn't wait any longer and I was really excited. I went upstairs and grabbed a small duffle bag for my girly essentials. I grabbed my toothbrush and my hair brush. All those goodies and put my name on it so no one takes it. I brought that bag downstairs as well and waited for everyone to be down so we could leave.

"Oh, your down here early" said Jeffry

"Yea, decided to pack early"

"Oh, well we should be done in about 10 minutes and we will leave"

"Cool, I'll just get something to eat"

"Oh, we packed all the food in the RV, it's open if you are hungry"

"OK, thanks I'll go and check"

I walked outside and into the RV. I looked around and just starred at how beautiful it was inside. It was like a house on wheels. You got your bunk beds then the kitchen and bathroom, just everything was in one space and was pretty neat if you ask me. I walked over to the kitchen area and got a bowl of cereal. I sat down and started texting Rachel.

"Rach! girl this RV is really nice. It's so spacious, and has bunk beds!"

"Yea well it is an RV"

"I've never been in one so stop being a butt"

"LOL, ok whatever but I really need to tell you something it's like life or death"

'"OMG! should we call the cops!"

"No, life or death for me not anyone else"

"OMG what's wrong are you hurt! Are you trying to kill yourself!. If you are I promise I will bring you back to the dead and then kill you again!"

"LOL NOOO!!! and if I were to kill myself I wouldn't tell you, but it's about Jeffry"

"LOL what about Jeffry"

"I can't tell you right now my mom's being a turd I'll tell you when I see you ok. Please don't freak out when they load up the van."

"I'm not"


"Promise" I lied I'm freaking out on the inside.


I was done with me cereal and they started packing up the van. Sarah, Jake, Valarie, and Jeffry. Then Tristan came and my heart started to pound. I kept starring at him because he looked so hot in his blue polo and dark jeans with vans. He actually had some color on. I still couldn't get what Rachel told me out of my head so I just went and sat down on the couch which doubles as a dining table.

They all gathered in and we went to go pick Rachel up. Sarah and I were talking about the new Gucci bag that was coming out and then Jake wanted to talk about our YouTube channel that he wanted to do with me. Tristan just sat there starring into space. We pulled up into Rachel's driveway and she came in.

"Backroom.Now!" she told me pointing to the room

"Wha-" she pulled my arm and dragged me to the room and closed the door. I sat on the bed looking at her,then she opened the door again and greeted everyone with me still in the room. Tristan came in and asked me what was going on.

"Waht's her deal?"

"I don't know she has to tell me something important"

"Oh, I'll stay then"

"NO!" Rachel and I said together her coming back in the room

"Why not?"

"Be-because it's about periods and we have to track them to see if we'll be on on the trip" said Rachel

"Oh, well I'll be going" he said looking at me. He left and Rachel locked the door.

"What's going on Rach?"

"OK, so yesterday at school I saw Ms. Boss and"

"What!, What were they doing"

"They were in the teachers lounge behind the soda machine making out!"

Sorry end of chapter!. Next one will have lots of drama. Stay tuned!. Comment, Vote and Share!.


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