Dear E

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you probably read this title and you're confused. E is my crush, that's what his name starts with. Okay so this is me basically saying stuff to my crush just not to his face. I highly suggest doing this because it makes me feel so much better. Guess who's catching feelings for the guy she thought she was over. It's not that hard, it's me of course.

Dear E,

I wish i could say all this to your face, but i'm never going to be able to. I started liking you about a year ago. It wasn't a big crush at first, but now it's definitely one. My stomach made me feel sick everytime i walked into class because you were in there. I finally decided to text you. You always answered really fast and it made me really happy. My friends never supported me liking you and i still did. I was told all the time that you liked lots of other girls but i never gave up. I still like you and i can't tell them because they won't approve and it will just make everything worse. My crush kept on developing and growing bigger to the point where i liked you a lot. Then i heard you liked someone else and i just was over it. I have never gotten the guy i like and i didn't mind until now. My best friend gets all the guys but never likes them back. I always have to support people but they can't support me back. This is why i quit liking you and stopped thinking about you until you came up again. I had a dream you dated someone else and i tried to break you up, but i woke up confused. Feelings are so weird, but i actually understand these. I never lost feelings for you and hearing that you're going to date other girls still didn't make them go away but it didn't feel great either. I don't see you much anymore and i don't know what to do. If i just knew the truth about how you felt i would be over it. Even if you see this idc because these are my feelings and a lot more happened, but that's another story.

I tried not to cry writing this, but i'm considering making this a story to help others with feelings and expressing them.

Feel free to message me i try to answer if you need to talk about any feelings you have💗💗

I just hit 6k views and i can't thank you enough. Thank you for all the support ily guys very much. I hope all of you find happiness you deserve and don't feel afraid to get rid of anything in the way of your happiness.

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