Chapter 30: Ley Lines

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The next week went by without any evil supernatural appearances. We attended Lukas' funeral and I went out to Barry's with my family for a meal. Luckily, George was able to compel my family to forget everything of that night and Alexia. Cordelia went through the mourning stage of missing Leah but a trip to Martina Mall brightened her up. I mostly passed my week by revising for the exams which I took Friday. When we got let out of school on Friday afternoon, I joined Erin, Nate, Kestrel, Cordelia, George and Cole as we walked out of campus and into the freedom of the weekend. Samuel was waiting for us. We hadn't drove to school that day as we planned to walk.

"This is the first week in months that has been evil and supernatural." Erin said with a dreamy smile as she leant into Samuel.

"It's wonderful." Kestrel agreed, her fingers entwining with George's. Cordelia was chatting with Nate so I dropped into pace with Cole.

"How's it going?" I asked him.

"I'm good, kinda." He replied.


"It's just... It's my powers. My witch powers." He muttered.

"What is it?"

"They're not working as they usually do." He told me. "It's like I'm losing them."

"Have you told Kestrel about this?" I asked him. Cole shook his head.

"There's nothing she can do. Powers a witch holds are tied to their emotions. Something is wrong with how I'm feeling so my powers have changed." Cole explained.

"And how are you feeling?" I asked him.

He hesitated. Then he spoke. "I'm feeling down. I'm feeling low and upset. It's because of everything that I've been pulled into since I moved here to Martina Bay."

"Are you saying, if you was angry, you're powers would be angry too?" I asked.

"Yes. I can't talk to my Dad about it either. He won't understand. He doesn't understand all the magic stuff."

I nodded. It was hard to think Cole had parents. I didn't even know if he had a Mother. I always saw Cole as an independent type; which was silly, of course.

"I'm sure he'll be able to help you. He's a witch too after all, isn't he?"

"No," he said. "I'm a half blood witch."

"So you're a human witch hybrid, like I'm a human vampire hybrid?" I asked.

"Kinda. But you're special. Being half vampire half human, is impossible. But Godrik was the first vampire. Human-witch hybrids are common. Dhampirs aren't." Cole said.

"Wait, how did you know Godrik was the first vampire?"

"Cordelia filled me in."

"So why aren't I half witch, half vampire? My Mother was a witch."

"Witches and vampires are opposite from each other. Witches are all about nature, well, the good ones are, and vampires are all about things dark and against nature. As soon as you were born, your vampire blood overpowered the witch magic and left your witch side just human. You have witch blood in you but it's buried too deep." Cole explained.

"Wow," I said. "That's a lot of speech."

Cole almost laughed. Almost.

"We're gonna get your powers back on track, okay?"

Cole nodded and I smiled at him.

"Hey, Rowan." He said.


"Thanks," he said. "For being there for me."

"Don't mention it." I replied.

We were walking through the woods, dark twisting trees towering over us, as if they were preparing to pick us up and eat us. But in a way, they were friendly and welcoming.This side of Fallset Woods was far from the opposite end of the woods near where I had once fallen. I preferred this side, it was more peaceful. When we came to the other end of Fallset Woods, the sun cloaked us in a sea of warmth and pleasure. In front of us lay a big hill of healthy green grass and the landscape of north, east and west Martina Bay. I looked out to see the actual bay itself, where the ocean dents into a river that leeches through Martina Bay.

Boats were scattered in the harbour, not too far where the sea dents through into a river. I sighed as we all sat on the grass and admired the stretching scenery.

"I love the California sun." Nate muttered, laying back with his eyes closed.

I looked out, thinking not too far from here was San Francisco, and Los Angeles. I then planned that one day I'll take a trip to one of the big cities.

"I need to tell y'all something." Nate said, sitting up. We listened. "I'm leaving town."

There was silence. And more silence.

"Guys," Nate laughed. "Say something."

"Y-you can't leave!" Cordelia stuttered.

"You should be happy for me. The Ley Lines in Martina Bay attract supernatural and evil here."

"What? What's Ley Lines?" Cole asked.

"Mystical energy that run under Martina Bay." Kestrel explained. "It is said if you are powerful enough, you can use Ley Lines to teleport places and travel through dimensions and time. The lines attract supernatural as they allow dark forces to attract magic and become more powerful. They're connected by ancient locations such as the church, the ground under Fallset woods, et cetera. And isn't it a bit of a coincidence Rowan's witch mother gave birth to the only Dhampir right here in this town?"

"I never knew that." Cordelia said.

"I drew magic from them to help us go back in time." Kestrel said.

"But how can vampires attract power from them?" I asked Kestrel.

"They can't." Kestrel replied.

"Then why do so many vampires come here?" I asked Kestrel.

"For you. They want your blood for immortality."

I sighed. "I know what I have to do then."

I inhaled air and continued. "I have to leave Martina Bay and move to a different city every month. Therefore, no people will be in danger."

Kestrel opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. She gasped and fell backwards. We rushed to her and knelt down beside her. He eyes were fully white. They were wide open as if she was in shock. Then I realised; Kestrel was having a vision.

When she sat up, her eyes normal again, she looked worried.

"Kestrel, what is it?" I asked her.

"As soon as you said you should ceaselessly be on the run, I got the vision."

"What did you see?" I asked again.

"I'm so sorry Rowan, but now you're a fully fledged Dhampir, you can't leave your birth place. Your life is bound to the Ley Lines."

"What do you mean?"

"You're Mother had to draw power from the Ley Lines to hide you from Godrik. Therefore, you're life and soul is tied in with the Ley Lines in Martina Bay. You can't leave. Ever."

Her last words rang through my head.

You can't leave. Ever.

You can't leave. Ever.

You can't leave. Ever.

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