Chapter 29: Live or Die

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I sat with my family in silence, unsure of what to say in our last moments together. All that I was aware of was my mother's nails tracing over my fingers softly and the screaming silence that deafened my ears.

Every second that ticked on the clock was a second less time to my death. I was coming closer to my demise. Closer, closer closer-

"It's time!" Alexia said loudly, bursting through the doors. That's when my mother began to scream.

"Leave her alone! Leave her alone!" My Mother yelled but with no effect. Alexia dragged me to an altar and I stood, waiting as she smiled at me.

"I have to drain every single drop of your blood to gain immortality." Alexia said to me. Then her fangs lowered, long and sharp and horrible. She walked slowly towards me, her dark crystal eyes burning through my own.

"After all these months, this is finally your end. I just want you to know, dear Rowan that it is I who has won." Alexia said with a satisfied grin. Then she grabbed me by the shoulders and sank her fangs into my neck. I screamed out in pain as her canines burned into my flesh and I could feel her begin to gulp my blood. Soon, it would be over. I would be gone.

All of a sudden, there was a loud crash the the doors had opened. Stood in the doorway was Erin, Samuel, George, Kestrel, Cordelia, Nate and Cole; all standing. Samuel, Erin, Nate and Cordelia all had weapons. Kestrel and Cole had their magic and George had his vampiric powers. During the rescue attempt, Alexia didn't even notice them as she was too busy drinking my exclusive blood.

Then, Alexia was thrown through the air by the impact from George's shove. Cordelia held her wrist out to my and my tiny kitten fangs came out almost instantly. She offered her wrist out and I immediately sank my tiny fangs into her wrist. The blood flowed onto my tongue and down my throat; filling me with instant strength and power. I parted my lips from her wrist and she smiled.

She pulled out a bandage and wrapped it around her wrist; she must have been prepared.

I jumped into combat, hitting Alexia with such force she fell backwards into the wall so hard she crashed through it. Alexia is up in the matter of seconds and I'm suddenly lifted into the air.

"You may have vampire strength, but it's no power to rival mine." Alexia snarled and launched me across the lobby. I soared through the air and crashed into the marble staircase, cracking my skull hard on the corner of the step. If I had been fully human, I would have died instantly but I could already feel it healing. I rubbed my head but before I could recover, I was being dragged across the room. Alexia then swung me by the arm and sent me crashing through a door. She picked me up with one hand and then she screamed out in effort and I was sent flying upwards to the ceiling. I hit it and bits of ceiling crumbled to the floor. I landed at the top of the staircase, covered in blood and dust.

"You look so weak." Alexia laughed and clamped his fingers around my neck. "And you're friends are struggling too."

Then, she lifted me into the air by the throat and pushed me over the banister railing. The last thing I saw before I hit the floor was the room spinning around me and Kestrel screaming out my name.

I wasn't sure if I was dreaming. I could hear a chorus of Erin's, Kestrel's and Cordelia's voices reading out a poem. The poem Kestrel wrote without consciously doing it.

Deadly desires; crimson blood

The blurred line of evil and good

Fall of light; shadow of night

Creature of the night; turned

Fight for good; not long to wait

Before the dhampir meets her deathly fate

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