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Mrs. Angel Mendez wakes up to find herself still seated at the same place that she had fallen asleep two hours ago.

Angel was at the St. Albitoism Memorial Hospital's waiting room. She turned her wrist to look at the time on her purely gold watch, to find out it was 3:23 PM.
Her mind was stressed and tired; she had been sleeping on the same chair for a  period of time that seemed like forever.

But it had actually been three hours since she had brought her lover to the emergency room....
This was the man that she had been having an affair with; a successful mechanic named Mr. Jason Marcus.

Though Angel was currently married to her wealthy billionaire husband Mr. Frank Mendez.

Angel was not happy at all in her marriage, Frank didn't respect her nor did he pay any attention to her. He was a monster...the devil in disguise.
Ever since they had gotten married, their love had been lost and Frank had completely changed. The caring loveable man that Angel had gotten married to was history!

Mr. & Mrs. Mendez had been facing many arguments, fights and conflict in their two year marriage. Sadly, it had become one of their daily routines....

N.B : in the picture at the top and at the bottom is Angel Mendez, the perfect barbie doll wife.


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