Author's Note

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Hello. Wassup. Hola. Welcome to the end of this book.

Before you bring your fire sticks and pitchforks, calm down. Take a deep breath. Do it.

Good. Now that you're sorta calm, let me talk you for a sec. This is the end of the book.

Book ONE.

*waits for confused looks*

Yes, this is BOOK ONE. Meaning it is a series. Meaning there WILL be a second book.

*waits for cheers*

Yes, yes, alright, simmer down. What I am about to say next will probably make you grab your pitch forks again.

The second book will not start until the current book I am writing, ZANDER, is finished. If you want to see a psycho bitch in action, go ahead and check that out. It's about Damien's son, so that means Damien will be in it. Sorta. Yay, someone you know.

Okay, go read it. I'll make another Author's Note in this book when I start the second one.

Time for some sappy shit.

This is the first book I started and finished on this account. I feel a sense of accomplishment because it was so fucking hard trying to stay motivated to create the content for this book, whether it be because I was hella busy, or because I just didn't know what to write, or because annoying assholes wouldn't stfu in my pms about me not updating regularly.

Anyways, THANK YOU for all of you who did support me, regardless of my lack of updates, which was most of you, so I appreciate that. Thanks to my friends for always keeping me motivated. Thanks to my bed for giving me the best dreams for ideas. Thanks to food for giving me energy to write. Thanks to Oliver for writing bomb ass books that inspired me to make this account and write this one.

"Kali, what do you mean THIS account?" Well, let me tell you. I have an original account that I've had for like six years and I wrote a BUNCH of stories on there, and I took all but one down. Let me tell you that story is fucked up. Kinda like this one. But on another level. Don't read it. The plot is just ridiculous and corny. It's not my best work, lmao.

That's all I have to say. If you have any questions, ask them. If not, think of one to ask. If you can't think of one, you may exit.

I'm joking. Anyway, that's really all I have to say and I'm so glad you made it to the end of this random ass author's note.

Little brown girl is outtttttttt.  (becomes Liza). Go read ZANDER.

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